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  1. Hi, I have recently purchased a 24" iMac, my first Mac. I love it and cant believe I didnt move to Mac's sooner. But I am now interested in dual booting, using the boot camp, so that I have access to windows for various reasons. However I have a potential problem. I have 2 legal copies of Windows XP Professional - 1 copy is Windows XP Professional with Service pack 1a - 1 copy is Windows XP Professional with Service pack 2 Now if I understand correctly the Mac (boot camp) requires Windows XP to have at least Service Pack 2 to work? However I have already installed my version which includes service pack 2 onto my other PC therefore the only copy I have left is the copy with service pack 1a which if I am right wont work fully on the Mac? If this is the case is it possible for me to install Windows XP Professional with Service pack 2 but use the key that I have from the Windows XP Professional with Service pack 1a or will this not work? Thanks for any help Elliot
  2. Digital TV on iMac

    Hi, I purchased my first Mac a month ago and I am mightly impressed. I am now looking to get Digital TV on my iMac so that I can have it on in the corner when working. I have found something called Eye TV but I have no idea if this is what I need and if it is what I need which version do I need as I have no idea of the difference between them? The link to them on the Apple Store is: http://store.apple.com/uk/product/TS588?mco=MjIzMDY2MA If you look on the right hand side there's 4 different ones available, which of these do I want? If anyone else has experience with Digital TV on Mac and noes of another piece of kit available I am happy to take a look at these. Thanks for your help Elliot
  3. New Mac User Questions

    Hi, I have recently acquired my first Mac. Its an iMac 24" 3.06 Ghz. Impressed as I am, theres a few things which I wish I could do that I used to be able to do on a windows PC. 1. Can you change the shortcut for the keyboard so that I can use Cntrl + C to copy and Cntrl + V to paste rather than Apple + C and Apple + V? 2. On windows you can hold down Control and press Tab to scroll through the windows, I believe you can hold Apple and press tab on a Mac. However with the Mac if you had say 2 different Safari windows open, it would only show up as 1 whereas windows would say Safari - Insanely Mac then Safari Sky Sports or whatever? Is there anyway to set the Mac to scroll through all the open windows? Sorry if I have posted this in the wrong place, didnt really no where to put it. Regards Elliot