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  1. About The Journeyman Project

    Thank you for your reply hecker, but what about the other Journeyman Project 1 and 2 ? I would like to know, TQ
  2. About The Journeyman Project

    Hi to all. I was wondering if you heard about the old Journeyman Project. I was wondering if it would still work on a leopard. TQ
  3. how to install

    This is some advice: Choose the iATKOS Main system, PC_EFI V9 Bootloader, appledecrypt, for SMBIOS choose the enablers. Now for the kernel. If you think your fast you can choose 9.5.0 voodoo or the 9.5.0 fassl kernel. If you think your PC is slow, choose the 9.2.0 toh kernel which is compatible for most. I did not choose any ACPI driver. Next I choose the Disabler, Remove Power Management, PS/2 and OHR. After that, You may want to add some other drivers from the driver option.
  4. Hi everyone! I need some help installing the iATKOS v5 on my PC. While installing halfway, it displays a warning sign saying"INSTALLATION FAILURE. COULD NOT READ Intel 10.5.5". Please help Thank you.