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  1. http://digg.com/apple/Professional_Mystiqu...me_for_download I’m happy to finally offer this theme for download. It’s not complete. Not all the icons are how I want them, however most are. I’ll be tweaking based on feedback and my own experience. Credits: psychopulse for wallpaper, and mezzoblue for some icon inspiration, Dan from superfluousbanter.org for the reflection template, and of course Apple for their exquisite sense of software/hardware design.
  2. Theme preview

    For what it's worth I do intend making a few colourful variations. There will be colour photo backgrounds and possibly coloured icons. Besides I'm trying to cater for a different audience than those pleased with the stock iPhone theme.
  3. Theme preview

    Shades of black: http://iphonetheme.wordpress.com/2007/10/11/shades-of-black/ This will be last preview until I finish the rest of the icons. Let me know which version of these works best.
  4. Theme preview

    A few tints, a little contrast & a touch of hue: http://iphonetheme.wordpress.com/2007/10/1...a-touch-of-hue/
  5. Theme preview

    Still working out details. Feedback appreciated. More info/news: http://iphonetheme.wordpress.com/
  6. Quad Core Video Editing

    Why not get PC8500 1066MHz RAM? Isn't it supported in osx86?