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  1. Hello, I installed iATKOS S3 10.6.3 on a Dell Optiplex 755. .. Everything works except the restoration of images dmg. I can create my backup dmg image without a problem. But, when I try to restore the image I get the message "Unable to verify monbackup.dmg (internal error) I update to 10.6.6 and the same. I wonder if it comes from the kernel qoopz.1.3 Has anyone had this experience? Thank you for your help, Bruno
  2. Hello, J'ai installé IATKOS S3 10.6.3 sur un Dell Optiplex 755. Tout fonctionne..sauf la restauration des images dmg. Je peux créer mon backup par une image dmg sans problème. Par contre pour restaurer je dois examiner l'image et je reçois le message "Impossible d'examiner monbackup.dmg (erreur interne) J'ai updaté en 10.6.6 et c'est pareil. Je me demande si cela vient du kernel qoopz.1.3 Est-ce que quelqu'un a eu cette expérience ? Merci de votre aide, Bruno
  3. System ID? (Korg)

    Hello, Just want to tell you my experience. I have HP dc7100 with Broadcom on board. I tried Iatkos 7 and had 0-00000 ID. MAC is listed 00-00-00-00-00-00. So I plugged an other ethernet in PCI mode (3Com) and desactivated Broadcom in the Bios, changed en2 in en0 but it doesn't work. I don't know why. My solution was to reinstall with the same hardware config but with Idneb 10.5.7. My 3com ethernet card is now listed en0 with MAC adress detailed. Now ID Korg is ok.
  4. System ID? (Korg)

    ..well, I tried with Idneb 10.5.7, ok for permissions now. But still don't work. My Broadcom is already en0 but its MAC is 00:00:00:00:00:00. Maybe the problem is that ? Thanks, Brs
  5. System ID? (Korg)

    Hello, I have Iatkos v7 and I'm not able to change permissions..when I click on the window close. I tried with Idneb and it seems work. But my LAN card Broadcom is already en0. I have my Konnekt 8 in firewire, is that card in en0 I have to set ? Regards, Brs
  6. ASIO work fine but not Itunes

    Hello, I have Iatkos 7 10.5.7 on my Hp dc7100. My soundcard is a Konnekt 8 and I have no problem with Logic Studio 8 but in OSX or with Safari I can't hear anything. In my system panel I see that TCNear is configured in and out but mp3 are not played.. With ITunes no sound too.. What seems wrong ? Thanks for your response, Regards, BRS