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  1. I was able to fix this with reinstalling OS from USB. And then faced the same issue again with the same fix. Looks like 10.13 is only good for recently released laptops as it worked fine on MBP Retina from 2015.
  2. MBP retina mid 2012, fresh 10.13 upgrade from 10.11. Didn't try to reboot after installation completed, just shutdown to reset NVRAM – I had issues with connecting to 5GHZ networks for ages and decided to try to fix this. Now I get a "still waiting for root device" message. And that's on native hardware and internal SSD! Once booted from external drive I can access internal SSD with no issues. Any ideas how to debug this? P.S.: I also can't boot from USB 3 devices so have to use USB 2 ones. Looks like USB 3 support on MBP Retina 2012 laptops is limited.