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    The Cider Wrapper Library

    thanks for your reply SHADO5 - I agree with the point you make - its a lot of fiddling and troubleshooting to get cider to work with any game, I understand that, and props should always go to the people who do it. But making the Cider wrappers available separately I think would encourage more mac gaming and discussion. Probably most mac people who don't frequent fora like this one also don't understand what Cider does and may assume (like I did) that the Windows Game folder/exe's that is ciderized is significantly changed when ported, rather than just dropped with the appropriate tweaks into the Cider wrapper. Maybe taking devilhunters suggestion of posting wrappers separately would be good for mac gamers and porters both - gamers could download a small file to try their windows game easily; The porters could save massive upload bandwidth by allowing gamers to acquire the games via any of the many Windows routes, and save themselves being blasted by people who've downloaded 6 gigs and don't understand why the game won't launch. btw I used to have the side-view poster of your avatar in my room!
  2. williambumble

    The Cider Wrapper Library

    @ locoputo thanks for that, I saw it and will check out the wrapper @ SHADO5 - my request in this thread isn't for the games, as I already have them, it is for the cider wrappers only. I think devilhunter has highlighted the fact that very few posts of ciderized games will have the wrapper posted separately, its always wrapped up in a huge torrent or a 30+ rapidshare archive. No one who owns and plays the game on their bootcamp partition wants to download 5gigs when a simple wrapper post of 30megs will let them see if they can run the game in osx. Please PM me if you see a torrent where the wrapper is downloadable separately. I hope devilhunters thread here convinces some posters that this should be the norm! So to clarify, am requesting the cider wrapper for GTA:SA, also Mafia: City of Los Paradise wrapper would be great too. cheers
  3. williambumble

    The Cider Wrapper Library

    great thread here devilhunter, I wish all known wrappers would be shared here. Most people already have access to PC versions before wanting to try on mac. A couple of requests: Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, Assassins Creed. thanks