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  1. Stuck in Loop "do u have a mac"

    it doesnt work for me. any more ideas. whe i run the touch command it says file not found. i can change my root password or create it. but there it ends. im still looping. help.
  2. unique loop problem

    . i have tried it all. all the welcome loop fixes on the net but my acer loops. when i enter the read write command no problem. if i look for the directory var db /no problem. i can change my password but when i touch the apllesetupdone i always get file not found even though i can fine the directory. has someone my same laptop with same kalyway install problem please assist. or lets talk about moer fixes.pleassssseeeeeeeee
  3. OSX 10.5.1 ""WELCOME LOOP" Help

    Hi. please help someone. i am stuck in the loop. I tried the changing resolution trick. no luck.then i tried booting in safe mode . no luck. then i tried the whole sbin thing but here my problem is unique. i have tried all the versions including the command posted here multiple times and said to work many times. i can change my password. i can find the directory but when i run the touch command it says it cannot find the file . therefore i loop forever more. i tried the gforce fix. i tried the no networks fixes. is there someone still looping like me. i tried the sbin command posted here many times as well as other versions. please help.