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    No need for dsmos or AppleDecrypt!

    The "blacklist=0" kernel flag can disable blacklisting on Voodoo kernels (at least for version 1) and then FakeSMC.kext works on my AMD machine.
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    OS X Live: Developers' Private Discussion

    Here's how to speed up the boot and run rc.liveboot automatically First, there are lines under rc.liveboot that only cause the boot process to slowdown and does not do anything (in rc.netboot, it searches for an HFS+ partition to put the shadowfile on) Remove these lines from rc.liveboot to speed up the process volinfo=`autodiskmount -F 2>/dev/null` #if [ $? -ne 0 ]; then # echo "autodiskmount -F found no local drives" #return 1 #fi set ${volinfo} devname=$1 fstype=$2 These are under local_mount() Next, OSX automatically runs /etc/rc.cdrom if it exists, we will utilize it to automatically run rc.liveboot Put these in rc.cdrom sh /etc/rc.liveboot init launchctl load -D system while true do sleep 9999999999 done Note that rc.cdrom will have to always run in the background otherwise the system will reboot. Also, without removing the above lines in /etc/rc.liveboot, my live osx won't boot, so please remove them also. Another thing is that rc.cdrom and anything launched from it can't print to console, it's probably because of how launchd works. That's all. Hope it'll be useful.