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  1. Realtek HD Audio 2.0 Dell Vostro 1510

    Alrighty I figured out i have a ALC268. I successfully installed Taruga's ALC268_Installer 2 and I get audio ONLY out of the headphone jack. My built in speakers are not functioning. Anyone have similar problems with this chipset or on this specific notebook?<------ big idiot. Totally got it working just had to change the output device from headphones to internal speakers! (in the system prefs, sound, output) woooooooooo hooooooooo.
  2. I have just installed iAtkos 2.0i successfully on a Dell Vostro 1510. Everything is working fine accept the Sound and wireless(but thats for another post). I maybe having an issue correctly identifying the actual sound hardware. From what i see in Vista it says Realtek HD Audio 2.0. The device id as listed in apple system profiler is : "Intel High Definition Audio: 0x10280273 So its detecting an audio device and the audio volume slider is there, but no sound from the built in speakers OR from the headphone jack. Thanks for anyone's help ahead of time!
  3. Leopard Laptops with NON-working GMA X3100

    You got CI/QE support? Sound? Just wondering I have a Vostro 1400....
  4. Blue screen after installation and halt

    I got the same thing happen to me using iATKOS, i have a Dell Vostro 1400, intel x3100 grafix. I got the Kalyway CD to boot fine trying that out. Wish i knew what i was doing wrong with iATKOS tho....anyone?
  5. After installing natit for my agp geforce 6600GT, on an intel machine, i finally got my native widescreen resolution 1680x1050 working great and all windows scroll smoothly etc. The only thing is I NO LONGER HAVE A CURSOR..... Please someone must have a solution to this problem. Thanks in advance!