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  1. Alright, so I figured out why I was getting stuck at the Grey apple logo, or with the white screen with the spinning beachball. I was using a VM I created a few days ago and it still had "smc.present = false". I changed that to true and now the installer starts up! It is installing lion right now. I hope it goes well.
  2. I've tried everything I can think of, but all I get is the gray apple screen. How can I boot mac os x into verbose mode with EFI? In the past, I could input the "-x" option in the darwin bootloader. EDIT: tried a different lion installer. It gets stuck here now. I also tried booting my old vanilla snow leopard installer and all I get is the gray apple logo. (same behavior as the first lion installer) EDIT2: this is a whitebox esxi with a Celeron E3200 cpu (very cheap, I know, but its only for my personal home use). Also, my snow leopard server used to work perfectly on esxi 4.1 with Donk's old patch.
  3. *crosses fingers hoping for a release this weekend so I can play with it*
  4. It seems you might be on to something. I was wrong in thinking it wasn't detecting the disk. EFI can see the disk, but it immediately says "unsuccessful" when I try to boot from it. It's probably FakeSMC but I swear I put it in /S/L/E and repaired permissions. Maybe I got the wrong version? I used r477.
  5. I was trying to follow your instructions but I'm stuck at the above. When I switch the firmware from bios to efi, the EFI firmware simply does not find my hard-drive at all. It is a SCSI 40gb thick-provision. Am I missing something?
  6. I changed smc.present to FALSE as well, but I cannot boot the installer. I see the grey screen with the apple logo and nothing happens.
  7. I tried doing that and when I re-added the disk to the machine it now reported itself as IDE. However, Snow Leopard still fails to boot. I can see the VMware bootloader (with the progress bar on the bottom), then it switches to the gray apple but almost immediately reboots and goes back to the vmware logo.
  8. My Snow Leo Server installation also fails to boot with the new darwin.iso. (it was using a SCSI virtual disk, but it worked) I just attempted to create a new blank virtual machine, configured the .vmx properly and added an IDE virtual disk, then booted the DVD but I never get to the installation GUI. I get the dreaded "still waiting for root device" error.
  9. Any news on this? Would love to get an updated darwin.iso
  10. Hi all, just want to leave a tip that has worked wonders for me. I have a Snow Leo 10.6.3 Virtual Machine running on ESXi 4.0U1. While it seems to work fine and really fast when I start it up, I found that if I leave it alone, after a few hours the OS is so slow that it's unbearable. A reboot fixes the issue for a little while. I found a tip online that worked really well for me. Simply delete the file: /System/Library/LaunchDaemons/com.apple.audio.coreaudiod.plist and reboot. NOTE: This will leave you without audio but in case you're just running a server machine, you probably aren't using it anyway.
  11. I got it working too! Just followed zenith's method. One thing though -> USE A SCSI virtual hard-drive. If you attempt to use IDE, snow leo will just hang with "waiting for root device". PS: This thing is WICKED fast. A lot faster than the previous Leopard Server VM. And it's running on a very very cheap Celeron E3200 cpu with 768MB of ram. EDIT: I am stuck at 10.6.2. When I try to upgrade to 10.6.3, it kernel panics on boot with the "local apic 0x11" error.
  12. I'm trying to install Snow Leo on VMware ESXi 4 (Update 1). I followed everything correctly but when I finally go to boot the machine I get this: Can anyone help me out? I am SOO close to getting this thing to work.
  13. I have been trying for hours with no success. I followed everything in the manual and tried all the darwin.iso files I could find (vmware-darwin-200, darwin-wks7, darwin-voodoo, donk's darwin.iso). They all have the same problem. As soon as I tell it to boot, it kernel panics with an APIC error. Has anyone been able to successfully use this method to install Snow Leopard SERVER on ESXi 4 Update1 ?
  14. Uranus

    ALC655 + VIA8237R stereo fix

    mauahahah worked! THANK YOU SO MUCH!