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  1. HP 6735s

    I'm sorry, my apologies. I've added the information in my Original Post. Will that be all you need? Thanks again.
  2. Okay i've done as much searching as i can, and with my limited knowledge on the subject all i can gather is the following; Installation works however there are issues with the Microphone & Graphics Card. The Microphone doesn't work, which i can live with. The Graphics Card has a really low Resolution (1024x768). What Distro do i need (or which is best)? Am i right to assume that Bluetooth, Wifi and Sound work well? Are there any known solutions to fix the Graphics & if there are, will this mean i can Watch Video's and such without a hitch? I don't want the Wife shouting at me because it doesn't work to her standard lol! If you have solutions, can you detail them clearly for me so i don't have to ask un-necessary questions? Note: In the past i have successfully installed OSX on a Dell Pentium 4 without a problem so i'm not completely useless. Specs; AMD Turion X2 Dual-Core Mobile Processor RM-72 (2.1Ghz) 3GB Ram 250GB Hard Drive ATI Mobility Radeon HD 3200 Graphics
  3. OSX 10.4.5 Driver Issue

    help please.......
  4. OSX 10.4.5 Driver Issue

    Bit of help lads :)
  5. Right. My friend has an Acer Aspire 1500 laptop, we installed OSX 10.4.5 and it runs really well. Its a patched CD, so obviously AMD64 works e.t.c Sound Works (though only on left Speaker at the moment, not a big issue) Graphics Works e.t.c The problem being that Networking is being a pain in the *** Onboard LAN Card won't pickup and his Belkin WI-FI which is a F5D7010. We'll download/install/try anything but we need to know what to do first....soooooo
  6. Introduce Yourself

    Well i was looking for somewhere to introduce myself so...i hope i did this i the right place folks. My name is Karl (aka Neon). I am usually the Windows Vista, XP e.t.c guy but something about OSX on a computer excited me. Its different and certainly interesting. Have i had OSX on my computer yet? Yes Do i want it again? Yes The community seems to be full of people who are either well-up on the subject and/or have some good questions. You've probably guessed by now i have my own Well. See you around people!