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  1. Kyle Gilman

    Slow Firewire Drives

    Just thought I'd check back in. I'm getting great speeds now that I've replaced my old firewire card with a StarTech 2 Port FireWire 800 + 1 Port FireWire 400 PCI Express Card Model PEX1394B3. Still running a vanilla kernel, 10.5.4.
  2. Kyle Gilman

    xbench SATA vs FW400RAID vs FW800 raid

    Hey Macmaniac, I've been having trouble with my FW 800 connection. I've been using Kona's System Test 2 to test my disk speeds and through FW 800 a single drive runs around 20 MB/s, double that with eSATA. Editing 2K ProRes HQ video I get no trouble with eSATA, nothing but dropped frames with FW 800. I have the same motherboard as you, so I know you don't have onboard FW800. What card are you using for FW 800? Also, which version of the OS are you using?
  3. Kyle Gilman

    Slow Firewire Drives

    Yeah, that seems like it's on the right track. It's basically reading at 400 speeds. The strange thing is that it writes at a higher speed. And in system profiler it correctly recognizes devices plugged into the 800 ports as connected at "up to 800 mbps" and devices plugged into the 400 ports as "up to 400 mbps." As far as I know there are no specialized Mac drivers for firewire. My PCI card doesn't have any. And also as far as I can tell there are not separate kexts for FW 400 and 800.
  4. Kyle Gilman

    Slow Firewire Drives

    For OS X I use Kona System Test 2. It's designed to determine if your drives are fast enough to play back various types of video, but it's also useful as a simple benchmark. Nobody has any ideas about this speed problem though? Is this an unusual problem?
  5. Kyle Gilman

    Slow Firewire Drives

    I'm running Kalyway 10.5.2 (vanilla kernel) on an Asus P5K-E motherboard with a Q6600 processor. I have a Koutech 3+1 Port FireWire/1394b & 1394a PCI Host Controller Model 1314 for Firewire I/O. I'm editing HD video in ProRes HQ, which requires about 23 MB/s. Unfortunately, when I have external drives plugged in to the Firewire 800 or 400 ports on the PCI card, I only get about 20 MB/s when reading from the disk, which causes dropped frames. The write speed is about 30 MB/s. When the drive is plugged in using an eSATA port I get around 40 MB/s for read and write. I also get around 40 MB/s when the drive is plugged in to the same Firewire 800 port in Windows XP on the same computer, and the Firewire 800 port on my MacBook Pro which is also running 10.5.2. So I only get this problem when plugged in via firewire in OS X on the hackintosh. I tried a different PCI firewire (400 only) card that also gave me 20 MB/s in OS X. I'm doing these tests without any other Firewire devices attached. I've been searching the forums a lot and I don't see anyone mentioning speed problems with their firewire drives. I know the simple answer to my problem is to just use eSATA, which is fine for now on this project, but not all external drives have eSATA, and I work with a LOT of different external drives. I'd like to be able to count on my firewire connections. Does anyone have any ideas?