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  1. Any Visualists onboard?

    ... Hi People, I'm Mudo from Barcelona and Active user at Ms. Pinky forums. There are two ways to integrate Ms. Pinky into VDMX: The easy and the powerfull. The easy is using the last Maxipatch version which sends midi (and OSC) output data. Vinyl > maxipatch > VDMX learn = video layering scratch. The powerfull is integrating the vinyl tracking object into VDMX (both are Maxmsp) and forget maxipatch. An intermediate solution will be write a patch/library which "listen" timecode and "spoke" midi (like maxipatch but without the other features included into VDMX or any kind of Max compatible software... like Ableton Live 8) If anybody want to talk about it, write me an email or PM and I will share you my skype. Enjoy (and share please) ...