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  1. Hi has anybody tried to patch dsdt for the new ga-x58a-ud3r rev 2.0 bios FG1?? Since 10.6.7 ive got problems with usb not booting correctly, so the keyboard is not recognized or something like that(only if i boot with -v -f) Sometimes osx is loaded but i cannot do anything, i see the network monitor is working but the screen is kind of greyed out and i cannot interact with the ui I think there might be some problems with the dsdt (im still on fe) or with the usb3.0 driver? greetings... maybe i will make a dsdt file but im currently running out of time... so looking forward to someone spending time on the new bios and a new package of drivers
  2. Okay, slept one night turned on my hackintosh the following day and e voila... Triple Nvidia Setup fully working via efi string in plist.... dont know what was causing me headaches... sometimes things go right if u let them do what they want
  3. Hi, dont know why, but I'm a new user again 1. I've got a working nvidia dual card setup with my ga-p35-ds4 chipset, but now i had to switch to an ga-x58-ud3r chip... My problem, ive saved all roms from all nvidia cards to build proper nvcaps! I also got all pcie bus device pathes for each pcie sockel (the ga-x58-ud3r rev2.0 has 4 of it: 1. is nearest to cpu 1. 0x1 0x3 2. 0x1 0x5 3. 0x1 0x7 4. 0x1 0x9 So far i could build proper strings for each card and all cards(strings, plists) are working fine, if i only use one single card! I know there was a problem with gigabyte and the init of peg1 or peg2 when using dual card setups! You had to boot with bios settings: init peg2 (so peg2 is your primary card) I also tried to start from peg2(bios) this is socket 3 on hardware side! but my screens stay black! If i do a triple setup with bus 1 3 and 4 so on bios side this should be peg1 peg2 and peg8x2(peg4) only the card on bus3 is working (peg2) the strings are correct, maybe i have to do something with my dsdt file, i could not remember correctly ??? Is there someone out there who has a dual or even triple card setup with this board, or x58 or gigabyte boards in general? I also know that "theKing" has a triple setup but not with an x58 chip When it comes to my opinion ive got a problem with my gigabyte bios and or dsdt file and its bus adresses ?? Thx alot for helkping me
  4. NVDIA 9800 GTX + 10.6.4 = kein Signal

    hi, weiß jmd ob die geschichte mit den rom files auch mit mehr als 2 grafikkarten funktionier? Also mehrer romfiles eimnbinden? hab ne 9800gtx+ und ne 8600gt... evtl hole ich mir auch eine hdmi karte damit ich den monitor, der nur einen hdmi anschluss hat auch direkt über hdmi ansteuern kann...
  5. hi ive got a similiar problem, so would love to get an answer... ive gto 3 g92 cards, running fine with >10.6.2 @vga only (via efi or dsdt) running with <=10.6.2 dvi-dvi or dvi-hdmi is working perfect... so running at vga only is not a solution for me... maybe someone knows an answer to get this(rom files or enabler) working with 2 or more gpu cards...
  6. hmmm, if going back to vga connectors only is an option for you -> vga only works @10.6.5 (efi,dsdt)(with 3x g92 cards)... Is there anybody out there who got at least 2 cards running with 10.6.4 and (dvi -> hdmi or dvi ->dvi (not only vga)??) I do not get this rom or enabler thing running with more than 1 gpu card... Maybe someone tried this and knows how to use several rom files with one injector, to get at least 4 monitor working?!? Thanx
  7. XFX GTS250 DVI:HDMI -> TV = Freeze

    hmm, not the answer i was looking for... ive got 3 cards and they are all based on g92 chips... im using 10.6.2 which works damn good with efi and or dsdt... with all 6monitors connected via vga and dvi-hdmi but when it comes to > 10.6.2 nothing is working as long as i switch my connector to vga only or dvi-vga... THIS is no option because of 4screens come with highres above 1080p... tooo crappy with vga so maybe someone got the gpu rom thing working with more than 1 card?? i only get one card running using nvinject or nvenabler + roms but i really need more than 2 screens
  8. OS X on HP TouchSmart tx2?

    Hi guys, nice work so far... Let me give u a short feedback of what i got so far and what i would really apreciate to have in future times... 1. Im running an europe version of a HP TX2 2. ideneb 1.6 is working so far, with qoopz kernel? 3. touch isnt working at all if i touch the screen cursor jumps to the upper left corner und the menu drops in... also the iohidfamily.kext did not help... i mentioned it to calibrate my stylus pretty good 3.1 if i touch the screen with my fingers the the left mouse klick of my trackpad isnt working until i touch the screen with my stylus then my left mouse will continue working(sometimes the right mouseklick becomes the left very strange) and then the touchscreen wont recognize any touch 4. audio did not work in my home language i had to switch from german back to english to get the sound tool in the system pref to to open...(otherwise im not able to switch the output to internal speakers) when it comes to german it wont start it always says loading and does nothing.. so i only had sound with my frontjacks 5.the resolution with the radionhd.kext is pretty origin... but the latest one wont work only one special kext is working 6.So i would love someone to help me... maybe someone knows how to get the scrolling with the trackpad to work (i read something about voodoops2??) and maybe someone knows why i cant open my sound tool if i am in a diffrent language then english... i use an applehd.kext an the tarugaacl...installer from a previous post ooO an maybe hibernate || sleep ?? thx
  9. Gigabyte P35-DS4 + Q6600 + EVGA GeForce 9800GTX+ 512MB Cinebench: OS X: QE CI Supported, OPENGL via OSX86 Tools enabled: 5311 CB Points Windows Vista SP1: Physics activated: 3411 CB Whats going wrong here? Systems with a trashy ATI HD2600 get about 6000CB @OSX Could it be that cinebench isnt supporting 9xxx series at all? Neither physics? Is there someone who could test his or her evga 9800gtx+ with cinebench and post the results?! Thx a lot lovetoby
  10. iPC PPF5 DVD works fine - Retail DVD does not. I used the kext running @my iPC Hackintosh to build a Boot132 cd... But it stops at kernel loading, I think?(No HPETs aviable... cpu(s) configured incorrectly...) Before that i used an original boot132 cd an it stopped @ "still waiting for root device"! So my selfmade bootdiks gets a littlebit further?! But what to change? Cause other BOOTDVD like ipc is working fine i never had a stop! Hardware: EP35-DS4 + Q6600 + SATA HDD + IDE optical Drive