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  1. I've installed iAtkos v7 with dual boot windows 7. I'm using EasyBCD to choose which OS to run. This is installed on the windows 7 raid installation. When i choose the MACOS the chameleon bootloader runs. The problem is that the text is messed up and i cant tell what it says. Any help? c
  2. I have the board with the following configuration 2x150GB INTEL SATA RAID - Windows 7 2x400GB GIGABYTE IDE RAID - NTFS 1x120GB IDE NTFS 1x500GB SATA - MacOS I installed using iAtkos v7 as described but i cant seem to boot the machine. This is my second installation as i already have the $250 Mac (atom chip etc) running but its slow for doing anything reasonable. I tried installing chameleon v2 manually to the 500GB drive and putting first in the boot order...but it comes up with boot1 : error. I tried with EasyBCD. My feeling is that the necessary information is not in the boot sector of that drive. Can anyone help? thanks c
  3. thanks. Seems to work ok:). Built the standard setup with a D945GCLF2 and iPC 10.5.6. Many hours will be lost now c
  4. Hello, I am considering building a setup as descibed in this thread. I would like to know how well xcode runs with the hardware/software setup. Is it useable etc? thanks c