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  1. ...Last I heard, Perian was discontinued (more info on their site) and may not work with 10.8. VLC and Mplayer are currently the most most popular playback projects that I know about. I personally like Mplayer2 more, but they share a similar codebase and both support playback on nearly all files.
  2. Samsung NP300E5A - Can he run It?

    Based off of what you've posted, you should mostly be fine. You might run in to trouble getting the Nvidia 520 working though. Although, there's work arounds/drivers for most. (I haven't checked lately)
  3. Which Distro Should I USE!

    Definitely not an expert, but I've been reading posts on this forum for quite a while. Also been playing around with OSx86 since some of the 10.4 releases. I'm not sure about VirtualBox, but there are OSx86 VMWare images that are preconfigured. There's also this: ...and it claims it also works with VirtualBox, but I haven't personally tested it. What do you mean by scrambled? Like the screen has a distorted image? Also, did you make sure to properly install the patches and bootloader? You might have selected or forgotten to select an option. Other patches can also overwrite previous ones, so make sure you didn't install two kernels or something. Try doing a -v boot and see where the computer crashes. I'll try to help from there.
  4. Which Distro Should I USE!

    try to boot it with the modbin kernel. You can do this by typing: "modbinkernel -v" at the boot prompt. (don't use the quotes)
  5. Which Distro Should I USE!

    Does Kalway 10.5.2 get to the boot prompt? Or any other type of information? ...like Darwin Bootloader? ...I can't tell you what's going wrong if I don't have more information on it. Most likely though, it could be if that release doesn't have an AMD-compatible kernel
  6. Which Distro Should I USE!

    iAtkos 1.0i sounds like one of their Intel releases. It might not work on AMD. Also, there is no "best" distribution. ...I'd advise looking at some of the installation guides Here or Here. ...there's a LOT of really good ones. And once you've picked one you'd like to follow, I can help you go through the guide if you have questions.
  7. Which Distro Should I USE!

    I think jasonthebox123 is trying to make a bootable image of osx using chameleon using only a windows pc. ...which I'm not sure is possible just quite yet. (effectively "burning" an iso of osx onto a USB and ensuring it's bootable) I'd love to be wrong though.
  8. Which Distro Should I USE!

    I don't know of any. ...If you've gotten an Installer disc ISO, your best shot is to burn it onto a DVD. ...Or use a real mac to restore it to the USB
  9. hey i'm new in Hackintosh

    Have you done any types of modification to the system files? Like using a graphics enabler? Also, have you tried to boot the computer with any kernel arguments like "cpus=1" Try doing a verbose boot and see if it gives you any errors.
  10. Which Distro Should I USE!

    Go with the iDeneb OS X 10.5.4 AMD.Intel release. You should be able to boot up with it. I can't remember if it's using a semi-recent version of the chameleon bootloader or not, so you might get a graphical boot interface or a text-based one. Either way, there's a help file in the bootloader that should tell you which kernels are available to boot from. You'll want to look for one called 9.4.0 Modbin (preferred), 9.2.0 Sleep or 9.2.0 SpeedStep. Those kernels have the needed patches to boot a computer with an AMD processor.
  11. Which Distro Should I USE!

    You can always add kexts in once you have a system that can boot to at least single user mode. (Basicially, the Unix part of OSX that's a terminal) ...the most important thing for getting your computer to boot is going to be the kernel. You'll need to make sure whichever Distro you choose, it has a AMD-patched kernel to boot from. There's quite a few, and most patched installation DVDs will have a variety of kernels to boot/install. Patching the disks yourself would be nearly impossible without have an actual mac.
  12. Which Distro Should I USE!

    Posting links to distributions is not allowed, so you'll need to find one on your own. Search engines like google are pretty good at it though. If you get a distro that's already been patched, like the ones I posted earlier, most should have enough compatibility and an older version of Chameleon. This forum does have links to it in many places. Here's the name of a distro I usually like to try: iDeneb OS X 10.5.4 AMD.Intel ...also, there really isn't a go to for knowing if your particular hardware will work. And a specific version isn't really possible. Making a hackintosh can be difficult, even more so when the hardware isn't exactly like that which is in Macs.
  13. Which Distro Should I USE!

    I'd look for one that's AMd compatible. ...It would be Kalyway or iATKOS. Both of those distributions usually have kernels that are patched for AMD processors. Based on your hardware, your computer looks pretty compatible aside from the intel processor. IIRC, your graphics card is supported out of the box. As for installation guides, there are some lovely ones on OSx86Project. There's also some really good ones on the forum for 10.5 installs. You'll also want to make sure you install the Chameleon Bootloader and make sure that the computer is able to boot from USB if you install it to a USB disk. (some computers need to have this enabled in the BIOS, and most computers need to be told to boot from a USB disk through a book menu. The way to get to the menu varies betwen computers, but it's usually esc, F2, or F12 in my experiecnes.)
  14. Which Distro Should I USE!

    Well, to start, which version of Mac OS X do you want to try running? 10.5, 10.6 or 10.7? you'll also want to check the Hardware Compatibility to see if things like your graphics card and processors are properly supported. There's special kernels for AMD processors, but you need to know which ones in advance. Off topic, but you didn't need to put everything in all caps. It discourages people from wanting to help you. (At least in my case)
  15. ASUS G51VX- Anyone try this laptop yet?

    Anyone figure out how to not need the cpus=1 anymore? I have everything working aside from the GTX 260M (perfect resolution, but OSX just says generic card), wifi (voodoowireless will prolly support it soon), and the volume keys (but i never use them). ...But I've noticed that videos stutter because the CPU has to work too hard trying to play them. Any method of enabling all 4 cores on the G51VX-A1 model? ....I can't seem to get DSDT patches to work with it.