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  1. TabletMagic for TabletPCs

    it's strange that Khashoggi tablet daemon works but TabletMagic does not i will try your tip now paringas my video demo :
  2. TabletMagic for TabletPCs

    does not work with my tc4400, don't know why
  3. hi guys wanna sell this graphic card, which works great under OSx86 (10.4.6 -> 10.4.8) CoreImage & QuartzExtreme supported !!! (out of the box !!! no modding needed) for 30€ shipping cost inside Germany : 3,50€ (incl. insurance) outsite Germany, inside EU : 3,50€ (not icl. insurance) place you can pick this up : Bochum, Germany please contact me per PM thanks for reading
  4. Realtek 8168/8111 solution

    see this i has Realtek RTL 8101L onboard, i copy the kext from 10.4.6 overwrite the kext inside IONetworkingFamily.kext after that disk permission repair reboot it works !!!!
  5. sorry, yes, some older card can QE, but no CI , if someone has it, should buy a cheap card such as Fx5200, is only about 20-30$
  6. thanks kyrie1965, after i modify that file as you guided, the FrontRow works now (the trick with frontrowpass.kext does not work before, maybe all you guys should buy a mighty mouse hehe) i have mighty mouse connected through usb hub of apple keyboard JaS 10.4.8 DVD with sempthex kernel ps : the sudo chown above should be sudo chown -R root:wheel /System/Library/Extensions/AppleHIDMouse.kext you should repair disk permissions
  7. you can forget it, i repeat it clearly : all the geforce graphic cards which lower than Geforce 5xxx can never have the QE/CI (geforce 4 mx / titan, geforce 3, geforce 2....)
  8. hi guys first of all i must say that this machine was installed and running properly with 10.4.6 Jas, but since i changed my PC case to a low profile case, i must change the ATI 9600 pro to a Geforce 6200 low profile, since then i got no QE/CI all right, these are what i have : - Jas 10.4.8 DVD (SSE3 only) - mainboard asrock 775i865G - 512 MB RAM - geforce 6200 128MB AGP - celeron D 2,53 (which supports SSE3) - samsung 160GB sata --------------------------------------------- the cheapest hackintosh ever hehe (around 170€ (germany)) preinstall problem : i got message "Still waiting for root device" solution : disable Enhance Mode of IDE Device in BIOS (will post picture later) in the customize option, choose 10.4.8 jas and semthex kernel after-install problem : 1) no QE/CI 2) no network (realtek rtl 8101L was not recognized ???) solution : 1) install Natit installer for nvidia 2) the AppleRTL8319Ethernet.kext inside the IONetworkingFamily.kext is only the PPC kext (Get info of this kext to check), so that i copy the AppleRTL8319Ethernet.kext (Intel) of OS X 10.4.6 overwrite this file inside IONetworkingFamily.kext after that i run Disk Utility to repair disk permissions, please remember to do this, or you got nothing so, that's all what i've done, now it's what i have : - geforce 6200 was detected and runs properly, QE/CI Enabled, can change resolution in system preferences/display (but before the login window appears, the monitor was black for about 10 seconds) - realtek nic card works - audio works, but can't change volume (the audio chip is cmedia 9761a, there's still no solution for this) hope this could help the other which has the same mainboard like me
  9. borisbadenov ATI X1000-series Solution

    please see the page 40 of this topic, i attached the kexts, my be you should try it
  10. From Hackintosh to Macintosh

    LOL LOL you can't compare the 2,7 GHz celeron craps to the 1.83 Ghz Core Duo since celeron is very slower than the Core Duo, especially we can not compare the GHz between a desktop CPU and a mobile CPU for a fair comparation i would choose e.g a Pentium D (dual core)/ AMD 64 X2(run osx86) and a core duo 1.83 or 2.00GHz
  11. solution : if you have a PS/2 keyboard, so you must use a PS/2 mouse, the combination of PS/2 keyboard and USB mouse makes that problem my friend has a DFI Lanparty too, he plugged the PS/2 mouse into the system but he can still use his Microsoft USB mouse together
  12. borisbadenov ATI X1000-series Solution

    do you have a CRT Monitor ? i only know that it should works with LCD MOnitor and without the "@60" (the refresh rate) you can add this command line "Graphics Mode"="1280x1024x32" in the Boot options, so that you can test it temporarily, if something goes wrong, you don't have to reinstall the osx86
  13. borisbadenov ATI X1000-series Solution

    as i see your picture, i can tell you that CI and QE are working already if you can not change resolution via System Preferences, you must add the string : "Graphics Mode"="1280x1024x32" into boot.plist if your LCD screen has native resolution of 1280x1024 my x1600 pro works fine : i can choose resolution via System Preferences
  14. borisbadenov ATI X1000-series Solution

    my edited kext from 10.4.4 here (zipped) my card : 71C2 (DVI) 71C0 (VGA) ATINDRV.kext.zip ATIRadeonX1000.kext.zip ATIRadeonX1000GA.plugin.zip
  15. borisbadenov ATI X1000-series Solution

    mine works : gigabyte radeon x1600pro 256MB