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  1. tnx for the fast reply! kexts posted by henri57 did the work, but than i decided 2 try again the kexts from your v5 pack. after install, reparied permissions and rebuild cache and its working! 1 thing that I noticed is that when the i use max volume with internal speakers there r sound glitch and noises...
  2. first I want 2 say Thanks DoiX for all what u r doing! I got L502X with i7 2630, 8gb ram, full hd, BIOS version A06 and Lion 10.7.2 I got everything working beside the internal speakers, I'm using L502x-Lion_v5 any idea? Thanks in advance!
  3. Intel HD Graphics / GMA 5700

    Apple to tap Intel's graphics for future MacBooks Apple has decided to use Intel's upcoming Sandy Bridge processors in its MacBook line, a transition that will occur in 2011, squeezing out Nvidia's graphics processors in at least some models of the popular laptops, sources have told CNET. Read more: http://news.cnet.com/8301-13924_3-20023505-64.html
  4. Intel HD Graphics / GMA 5700

    I don't c how that post help us... check the second screenshot, the Intel HD Graphics is in same situation as all of us No kext is loaded, and the resolution is stuck @ 1024x768x32 P.S dutchhockeypro I track your post since day 1 and I can say that from all what I c till now in OSX forums U r the only1 that actually did some progress.... If I can help with anything let me know... I code on .NET platform and have OSX 10.6.5 installed with Vanilla kernel - got everything working beside that damn Intel HD Graphics. btw, have u tried the latest version of Chameleon? Its detecting the card and output a msg "Not Yet supported" and I know that u can use a ROM file with it (U said that u got the ROM from a macbook pro no?)