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  1. MacBook 1.83Ghz Model for sale

    Mash: Here is a (albeit {censored} quality) video of how the MacBooks come. I sold three in the past 3 days on craigslist, 2 for (950) and 1 for (1000) with some software extras (the buyer assured me he had the legally purcahsed license at home...) Anyway, I took this just now. I have another box but I'm probably going to sell most of them locally just because with I don't have to ship and/or pay fees. I actually am feeling a lot better about my purchase, hence why i dropped another bunch of money on another box. If you're interested, as promised I'll pay shipping if you pay escrow. If you have someone out here (family, friend, etc.) I'd love to have you pay them and meet up with them, but obviously that's more complicated. Are you coming out here for that Apple conference? COD is cheaper but if I was the buyer I'd want a couple of days to check it out before releasing payment, hence escrow.com is pretty cool. MD - md AT net-centra DOT com Video_073106_001.rar
  2. MacBook 1.83Ghz Model for sale

    Didn't disappear. Sorry, my daughter's one year birthday party was today and the nanny's son in law lost 2 of his fingers in a work accident this week ---> caused his wife (her daughter) to miscarry a 2 month fetus --> caused our nanny to drive to Palm Springs to be with them --> caused me to take off two days of work this week and not really do much in terms of internet to take care of Cessa (my daughter). Anyway, I'm on top of this. I think my wife brought a box of them so you can see the pics of how they come (in boxes of 5). I'll try to take them this weekend if she brought them home (I'm working this weekend to make up for my lost days installing VMWare ESX Server 3.0 and about 6 virtual machines on a 4-way dual-core xeon (8 core) system, so believe it or not, in the 5 minutes I've seen her since yesterday afternoon it didnt' come up. I'm super busy, but I'm not a flake, scammer, or dishonest. In the words of my governor, I'll be back Matthew Desario NetCentral 5617 Hollywood Blvd Los Angeles, CA 90028 3234671336 office 3238558121 mobile 3232309367 fax (you'll not the non-Nigerian address).
  3. MacBook 1.83Ghz Model for sale

    I can take pictures of the boxes when I get home. Just so it's clear, I didn't win 3 seperate auctions. That (at least to my wife) would be excusable. That would mean I, in my excitement, bid on three auctions hoping to win one. Oh, no, not I. I decided that purchasing a box of 5 Apple Notebooks (edu 5pak) would be a really smart thing. Now, if I do sell them, and I am sure I will, then the one I bought for my wife and the one I kept will be a lot less than retail and it was smart. As it stands right now, I'm about 3K too much in the hole... I'll take pictures of them when I get home, but I don't want to take them out of the sealed plastic/fabric bag they come in because people want them in 'virgin' state. I've registered 2 of them with Apple (called them directly) when I bought so I know the warranties are good. (I did the before purchasing because I wanted to avoid problems -- How exactly did you get a educational 5 pack? We're sorry, they have no warranty...). Anyway, I want to use escrow.com, the ESCROW.com not the Nigerian scam alternative, but ideally, my preference is to local pickups because you can turn it on, see it, register it, feel it, pay for it, and I don't have to get hit with fees. I think I'm down to two avaiable as one of the site founders (MASH) wants one. I'm kind of partial to OSX86 as I've been chewing pieces of their bandwidth pipe for the last 6 months with my mundane "How do I get my wireless.." questions. I'll take a video or picture for anyone interested. Full dislosure, the one I sold is probably going to go for less than $950 because it's a site founder (if it actually goes through). Second thing, this box that they come in does not have remotes. I'm not trying to steal 3 extra remotes. I'm even willing to video tape the packaging. There is a hole for everything but not a remote. Hence the reason why I just bought 10 new remote son eBay for 150 with free shipping. I can't include the remote if I go below $950, and here's why. 950 - 15 (remote) - ~19 (UPS ground including $10 insurance and I'm not including boxes because my company warehouse is going to eat that cost). I can't lose money on the whole thing. I know I can sell them for a good price if I wait it out. Anyway, I'll take some snaps for you tonight or tommorow. *EDIT* Pics have to come tommorow because wife didn't bring home the box from office.
  4. MacBook 1.83Ghz Model for sale

    I bought three by accident. Damn eBay. They are sealed an unregistered so 1 yr warranty kicks in from when you turn it on and register I'll use PayPal or Escrow.com, not really comfortable with anything else. Pickup in Los Angeles would be the best. I'll do 950 shipped to 48 states,
  5. Apple MacBook 1.83GHz Model

    I placed bids on three of them and won all three for 2750. Anyone want to get my wife off my back? I'll pay shipping. She weights about 112 so that's quite a shipping charge I'm paying. Oh, you wanted to buy one of the extra MacBooks? I guess that could work too.
  6. Unstable: Does your sound stutter on your 700m? I was just messing with it yesterday after making the Truemobile 1470 work (which it did perfectly) and I was excited that all I needed to make work was the DVD player (i.e. the video 2d acceleration). I tried to play some music and it was really choppy. Also, when you installed off the Jas 10.4.6 CD did you have to select SSE2? I tried installings the Combo update, SSE3, and the wireless drivers (under custor options) but it wouldn't boot. With -v, it kept repeating some error (didn't say kernel panic, said something else). I just wanted to know if this is the same situation you are in. So basically, is your sound working perfectly and are you using SSE3 or SSE2? PS. I'm good for the $150. That's a quarter of our needed bid amount. You can contact me at md AT net-central dot com
  7. Hey Unstable: I have a Dell 700m as well. 1) When I hold down any key (up down, the 'd' key, delete, anything) it takes a while (3-4 seconds) before the key repeats. It's annoying for when I want to hold the 'down arrow' and have it scroll down the page. 2) I can't double tap or single tap the touch pad. 3) Have you had any success (what's this I hear about SDR drivers and using VLC) playing back any videos Quicktime movies are totally out of sync. Forget DVDs, I'm talking about the little apple.com ads that usually play fine. 4) Can you make your computer sleep? Mine just ignores the request, and continues to operate. MD
  8. ) $150 (I ll put more if I get a good response) 2) 0x35828086 3) 855GME 4) Ability to playback DVD smoothely, at even the default resolution of 1024x768. I'll go up to $250 if this happens before July 7th. md@net-central.com
  9. AMD Systems

    Anyone have the problem where with a 3800+ x2 I had to install the SSE2 patch because whenever I installed the SSE3 kernel I booted to the Mac OSX background (aqua) but never saw the dock or the apple bar... it just hung forever. Anyway have any insight and / or anyone running with the SSE3 10.4.6 Jas (I applied the PPF) kernel? It runs okay in SSE2 but I was wondering if I run the SSE2 kernel on a CPU with SSE3, am I still losing performance? I've an A8N-SLI Deluxe with 10.4.6 installed on a PATA 80GB hard drive. Thanks for the info. matt
  10. This is what I have. An A8N-SLI Deluxe with the latest (non-beta Bios) An Athloon 64 x2 3800+ supporting SSE3 A PATA 80GB Hard drive (since Nforce 4 SATA isn't really supported yet) A Geforce 7800GT video card A good copy of Jas 10.4.6 (installed on 2 other Intel stations fine) w/ the added 290MB PPF (add ATI support and fixes the b0 error and automatically installt the AMD enabler). I installed 10.4.6 but when I reboot I'm hung on the OSX desktop (blue screen, aqua background) and I can move and see my mouse cursor but the dock and Apple (top menu bar) bar never appear. What did I miss?