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  1. MacBook Wireless Issues

    its not your macbook, its a bug in the linksys product, umm its the same with most macs i read the articale in macformat a few months ago, i would type the exact thing up for you put im moving home so the mag is packed up in a box sorry
  2. Should i get a mac?

    simply because they run the software faster, motorola chips are in these lol but the chips in these are ibm
  3. Racism at Apple

    apple is not racist ffs its ridiculas about this, oo a black laptop you could also say Ford are racist because t he new focus st dosent come in black, neither does it come in white, only blue and orange, ffs guys grow up
  4. Should i get a mac?

    simple answer, yes i bourght a imaee g5 back in march and a love it also hurry and get a powermac becasue tharts the only ibm ppc apple sell now, ppc are better than intel, steve was stupid switching to intel
  5. No Harddrive?

    right... i'm having trouble installin osx86, it get to the point of select install destination and there is nothing there, as a mac user, i have an imac g5, i know there should be a harddrive there, my harddrive is plugged in fine, umm, i'm stuck could some one help me please, also my usb mouse dosent work, harddrive is NTFS i cant seem to make it a fat 32. thanks in advance jake