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  1. Hi I've got my hackintosh almost fully working but I've got one big problem. After several hours Mac starts to crash everything and I cannot save any documents, Time Machine hangs. Its very unstable then. I can't open Disk Utility from the Applications folder because it crashes when its searching for my disks. So I need to boot from the CD and do a repair on my disks. Then, everything works again. But I keep getting this problem. I have no ACPI/ACHI or ATA injectors/kexts installed. Is there a special kext or something I need for my chipset or harddisks. The harddisks works fine under Windows so there's nothing wrong with them. The partition table is MBR. Laptop: Acer 7720G intel t5750 Chipset: Intel PM965 2x 250GB western Digital scorpio disks Nvidia 9300M + some other not important stuff Greetings Thomas
  2. I dont have rc.local in /etc/ ? I'm using Snow Leopard.
  3. I have some problems with my connection now. The Broadcom 5784 is still recognized as ethernet but it says 'Not Connected' and the Terminal says that en0 not exists. [i think it's because of the 10.6.3 update but I'm not shure. Does this kext work with 10.6.3?] nevermind, it is in the first post that it works with 10.6.3...
  4. Have you tried to format them with a hackintosh CD? There is a disk utility that can format to NTFS
  5. Hi, For my network card I need to execute this line in the terminal: sudo ifconfig en0 lladdr MY:MA:CA:DR:ES:S0 but is there a way to put that in a file that I can execute by clicking on it?
  6. It works! I love it! Thank you nobb1x! I'm typing this on my SL hackintosh But how can I make the MAC adress stay so I don't have to open the terminal every startup?
  7. THANK YOU!! I've not tried it yet but I'll try now
  8. Thank you for releasing a new one! I've reinstalled my SL many times and it didn't work but now it will maybe work But I'm not really shure if I have a BCM5787M. In Windows it's listed as Broadcom Netlink Gigabit Ethernet but it is a 14E4, 1693.
  9. What IOPCIFamily.kext do you mean? Can you give a link?
  10. NVIDIA 9 Series Driver Installer v2

    I've get the 9300M GS workign with this: http://nvinject.free.fr/forums/viewtopic.php?t=4 For NVinject : YOU NEED NVINJECTGO to download it: http://nvinject.free.fr/downloads.php scroll down and take the newest version of NVinjectGo I've take this version : NVinjectGo_0.1.0.zip but if you have a 512 mb card you need to use this: NVinjectGo_512Mb.0.1.0.zip I followed the steps in the tutorial (link is in my post) and I can change resolution, colors... Mac OSX detect now 256 mb VRAM so I think its working -Thmz!
  11. NVIDIA 9 Series Driver Installer v2

    Hello! I've a 9300M GS, it should to work I've read, now I haven't try yet, but where I can find NVDarwin? The download link in the thread doesn't work anymore. Thanks!