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  1. Hi all, I'm using HP Envy 1220x with HD4000 and AMD HD8750M on board. I've managed to disable HD8750M in 10.9 by dsdt editing, but the same method does not working in 10.10. Here is my _OFF method exported from original SSDT: Method (_OFF, 0, Serialized) { \RMDT.P1 ("_OFF(): Discrete Graphics Card disabled.") Store (LCTL, ELCT) Store (SVID, HVID) Store (SDID, HDID) Store (One, LNKD) While (LNotEqual (LNKS, Zero)) { Sleep (One) } Store (0x02, AFES) SGPO (HLRS, One) SGPO (PWEN, Zero) Notify (PEG0, Zero) Return (Zero) } And calls to _OFF method are added to _INI of _SB.PCI0, _INI of _SB.PCI0.PEG0.PEGP (where discrete GPU is located) and _WAK, but HD8750M still shows up in System Information: Full DSDT and dmesg are included in attachments. Any help? Thanks. dsdt.zip dmesg.log.zip
  2. I turned on setup log at install, and when it left 4 minutes, the log appeared a lot of crashes, such as Feb 2 15:43:40 localhost ReportCrash[1223] 0xXXXXX - 0xXXXXX libJPEG.dylib ... Feb 2 15:43:40 localhost ReportCrash[1223] 0xXXXXX - 0xXXXXX libTIFF.dylib ... Feb 2 15:43:40 localhost ReportCrash[1223] 0xXXXXX - 0xXXXXX libGIF.dylib ... Feb 2 15:43:40 localhost ReportCrash[1223] 0xXXXXX - 0xXXXXX libPng.dylib ... .....about 30 more crashes. It seems setup have just finished install languages, and crash. I have checked the disk, no bad sector. Have anyone had an idea?
  3. ASUS A6U Notepad Computer(in OSX86 HCL), AMD Sempron Mobile 3100+ 1.7GHz, 512M memory, SIS M760GX, 60G HD. I used Leopard Install Utility to put Leopard_Kalyway_10.5.2_FOR_INTEL_AMD iso in a 6GB paratition, and used grub to boot installer. Problems: 1. It was very slow to get into setup(about 20+ minutes) 2. I used Disk Utility to clean paratitions, and formatted them as HFS+(fill zero), and started setup. but about 15 minutes after, the progress bar suddenly stopped. I can move my mouse, but setup took no actions when i clicked on menu. And hd light pointed out that setup is reading and writing, but it seemed that setup was completely dead. What should i do? Could anyone teach me? Thanks very much.