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  1. So I've got an M1530 using the ANYCPU DSDT (4/12). I decided to update to chameleon RC5 to use native P/C states but coolbook is reporting the clockspeed at 600MHz all the time. And the computer is much more sluggish. Added the generateP/CStates flags to the com.apple.Boot.plist Got these errors on -v if it helps Failed to read bios SuperIO: MCHBAR failed to MAP Any ideas?
  2. [GUIDE] Leopard on an XPS 1330/1530

    Running SL 10.6.4 on M1530 with NVIDIA 8800M. Is the VGA output supposed to be automatic or something I have to do specifically?
  3. I just updated to 10.6.4, everything works except for hdmi/vga. I have nvidia 8600M. I tried NVEnabler but that just resulted in a black screen on boot. Are there any fixes out there yet?
  4. [GUIDE] Leopard on an XPS 1330/1530

    So I've upgraded to 10.6.4 and I've lost support for HDMI and VGA. Anybody have a solution for this?
  5. I have a DELL M1530 running 10.6 with voodooHDA. The mic works but it is very quiet. I tried to turn up the controls in the system preferences panel and the voodooHDA panel but it is still pretty quiet. Anyway to manually increase the volume?
  6. I'm trying to install windows XP, but the installation doesn't see the partitions created by disk utility. It just sees one whole drive. What can I do? Currently installed: OSX 10.6, Ubuntu 10.4 edit: looks like it is because xp 32 is not GPT aware. xp 64 is GPT aware.
  7. I followed the steps outlined in the thread and it looks like my pstates are being loaded but my clock speed is still the same even when I stress it for some reason. I'm using coolbook to report the clock speeds. -pc:speedstep$ ioreg -lw0 | grep CSTInfo -pc:speedstep$ ioreg -lw0 | grep PerformanceStateArray | | | "PerformanceStateArray" = (<00000000000000000a0000000a0000002b0b...) I don't think there is a conflicting kext but I have included a list just in case. Also, I have attached the DSDT that I am using. M1530: Intel Core 2 Duo, T7500 Thanks for your time Update: problem was with smbios.plist. I'm not sure why the attachments aren't showing up. meh, problem solved anyway
  8. [GUIDE] Leopard on an XPS 1330/1530

    Thanks, that did it for me! Is there a way to get OSX 10.6.3 to wake on trackpad/keyboard input? Also, if you haven't already, get the shutdown fix over here! http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=190780
  9. [GUIDE] Leopard on an XPS 1330/1530

    Sorry I forgot something so obvious! Specs: M1530 - CPU: T7500, NVIDIA: 8600 Alps Touchpad 10.6.3 (x64) - using DSDT for speedstep, nvidia, etc Let me know if you need more information, thanks for helping! Also, I can confirm that HDMI video out is broken in 10.6.3, so don't upgrade 'til a fix is out.
  10. [GUIDE] Leopard on an XPS 1330/1530

    Hey all, Has anyone gotten 2 finger scrolling for x64 Snow Leopard? I tried the VoodooPS2Controller compiled in 64-bit but I keep getting "ApplePS2SynapticsTouchpad not found" Error in the preference pane. The trackpad works, it is just hyper sensitive and two finger scrolling does not seem to be working. I've also tried the numerous suggested fixes in this thread. Anyone successfully get this going? This is the last thing on the list since shutdown was fixed
  11. Here's the shutdown fix added to the M1530 NVIDIA ANY CPU DSDT from the first post of this thread. Enjoy! DSDT.aml.zip
  12. Got the same laptop. Talisman's kext works just fine for me. http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=142521 Any news on HDMI audio? I heard that the VoodooHDA project has made some progress.
  13. [GUIDE] Leopard on an XPS 1330/1530

    thanks for the guide, it's been most helpful! For some reason, I can't get HDMI audio output to work. The video works fine, just not the audio. I'm using the audio kext in the guide
  14. Has anyone got a working pin configuration for the internal mic on the m1530?
  15. I'm running osx 10.5.6, voodoo 9.5.0 on my dell m1530. Is there a confirmed working fix for shutdown/restart? I tried looking in macgirls thread, but I could find no clear answer.