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  1. DSDT for Asus P8P67-M PRO

    Hi DutchHockeyPro, I am lookiing to get P8P67-M board as well for my next hackintosh build. It looks like the lastest BIOS version for this montherboard is 0805, which is updated on April 1 according to Asus web. Are your .aml files compatible to version 0805 or do they require any changes. Does your sound work flawlessly? Does your video card HD 6850 work out of box? Did you need to install mbp ATI 68** ktexts from 10.6.6 update? Thank you.
  2. Andy, Your guide is very concise and easy to follow, and therefore, I am looking to use your guide for my next hackintosh buid. I have few questions: 1) Does HD 6870 work 100% with your method? I read from tonymacx86.com that mbp 10.6.6 AMD-ATI card update for 68XX cards cause some issues. 2) I noticed that people report either audio not working or click sound before any sound plays with your method. Has those issues been resolved? 3) Does the install package include DSDT? If so, does the DSDT.aml compatible with B3 revision? Does it include speedstep patch? Thanks!
  3. By using 8800gt bios, would 9800GTX's performance be bottled necked with 3D? Thanks.
  4. Hi, I have 9800GTX+ card and it has 1 S-Video out and 2 DVI out. DVI to DVI monitor works fine on 10.6.5 Vanilla install. However, when I connect the PC to my HDTV which has HDMI input via DVI-HDMI cable, I get black screen. Has anyone been able to get HDMI-DIV connection to work for 9800GTX+ card? Thanks.
  5. Has anyone figured out how to ouput 5.1 digital stream to SPDIF/Coex on GA-EP45-DS3L MB? If not, is that even possible do you think?
  6. Giving up on OSx86 and OS X

    I've been a Windows user for ever since Win 3.0 came out .. and I develop & support applications on Windows platform. I also has bit of experience with using UNIX. I never really had any interest of using Mac nor Mac OS (but I always thought that Apple made cute computers). Last year I thought about making apps for iPhone, so I figured that I should get a Mac Pro. But somehow I bumped into this site before I purchase MP, and the next thing I know, I have had OSX running on my PC Leopard 10.5.7 ran nice. It had some strange bugs that caused my system to crash randomly. But Snow Leopard runs like true native OS made for PC. No crashes and ROCK solid. I LOVE IT. I do everything except for gaming on OSX, but don't have time to play games anyways. Windows 7 has improved A LOT and it is probably by far the best OS from MS to date, but I think OSX offers simple, elegant UI that allows more intuitive to use than Windows ever could. This alone makes OSX the winner for me.
  7. BlackOSX, I'm glad to heard that I am not the only one who had that issue. Thanks for confirming that. I think it would not hurt to mention on that issue as FYI.
  8. BlackOSX, Have you experienced or heard anyone who upgraded to version 11b BIOS had issues with on-board ethernet? I updated my BIOS to 11b last night, and I noticed that I lost connection to network on Win7 and SL. I had to revert back to version 10 again, and I still did not have network connection! on Win7, I removed and reinstalled network driver and I got the connection to network. I have not tried on SL yet as I had to sleep. Anyways, today when I go home I'll try to flash BIOS to 11b again. Yes, Boot time was INCREDIBLY FAST with 11b BIOS!
  9. [Guide] Using DSDT with the Gigabyte GA-EP45-DS3L

    blackOSX, If I want to upgrade my BIOS from 10 to 11b, and I only have win7 and SL installed, should I do the upgrade in the following order? 1. in Windows, download the BIOS 11b file from GigaByte. 2. in Windows, generate DSDT.aml using 11b BIOS. 3. in OSX place the DSDT.aml in EFI where my chameleon resides. At this point my system is still on BIOS version 10. 4. in Windows, flash BIOS. So my system is now on BIOS version 10. 5. reboot to OSX, at this point BIOS version should be in synch version 11f.
  10. I have put the kext in /E/E in EFI partition and it works for me.
  11. I made the change, yes, the pop is gone, but for some reason, the quality of sound dropped. Some musics I cannot listen to it anymore because it hurts my ears. Before the change, the sound was crystal clear and very 3D like ..
  12. BlackOSX, It would be a big help to folks who are seeking for alternative sound option if you could test uketommyv's method on 64bit environment and let us know the result. Thank you.
  13. Questions, 1. Do you get sound assertion error in system.log? 2. Do you hear "pop" when you play sound? 3. Does your sound work with 64bit kernel? thanks.
  14. Here are my 2 cents: 1. I think disk utiliity can capture entire image of the disk. 2. no. as long as you tell which drive to boot from in your BIOS setting. 3. from the experience i have with Cham version 2.0 RC 3, yes, I think it'll do as what you have described. Assuming that you boot Cham in STAT0, Cham may not start OS in SATA1 even if they were listed (for me OS was hanging). 4. Again, if you have disk image, i think you can restore the entire disk using disk utilities. So make sure that you have Cham Boot CD, SL DVD (to use disk util) , and the disk image file handy. I think that would work.
  15. I wondered about the same. I cannot remember the link, but in Apple support discussion form I read that those QE and CI are removed in SL 10.6.1. (as well for 10.6 I think). I am on 10.6.1 and I don't see them either.