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  1. Radeon HD 5870 / HD 5850

    I find boot9 (I think it's V2) give me a black screen, no kp, no error, just black screen at stage when desktop should appear. (sorry for my bad English) But boot7 adn boot8 works perfect with rom dumped from my gfx card. My card is PowerColor HD5850. Any way, thank you for the new booter, Trauma!
  2. Callisto Technical Discussion

    I had the same prob as urs, did u have the s-video cable connecting? Pull it off and try ur VGA.
  3. Callisto Technical Discussion

    karku4? Is that me? Well, I got the same situation as yours. But I think Callisto did noting for the fullscreen application, Apple did And another thing, when the s-video cable connected with my tv, osx stop booting, with the switch -x -v I found "stv" in the Callisto loading log. (that happened in Alpha001 and it should be same in alpha002 because nothing about it in the changlog ) Sorry for my poor English again
  4. Callisto Technical Discussion

    I am using a CRT for 1600*1200@85, and get the same result. At least, it does work!!!! Thank you omni!!