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  1. hey Fabiosun, under 10.12.6 did you get BOTH ports of your dual gigabit intel210 working independently.? . I can only get one port working ...mines shows as only one port. Noticed you had the IntelMausiEthernet.kext in your EFI which I tried. But did you have to do anything else? Did I miss a step other than deleting the network preferences...? thanks in advance
  2. Thanks for this MMido! Noticed you posted a bios mod for your x10dai. It has since vanished from the site. Any chance you can repost please?- would love to unlock my MSR...!
  3. Wow. thank for this!!! We actually have nearly identical systems. Have you tried running 10.12.6? Did you have any success? I'm almost there using 2x e5-2696v4's but can't get the system to boot from the Nvme (960 pro) without booting from an identical SSD clone first. Also are you using the iMac pro 17,1 or the mac Pro 6,1 smbios? Sorry so many questions. I guess if I can convince you to post your EFI for 10.12.6 this would answer many things......I would really appreciate it!!!!
  4. THanks man Turns out it was a couple of things. - Supermicro changed some things in their bios update with some new terms. After some tweaking was able to get max 3.2GHZ with one CPU- -I could be wrong but I read the turbo max is not available with this board unless 2 CPU's are installed. So I installed two and now 3.5 GHZ is about the average . Geekbench is around 80K and Cinebench is around 4k. So I'm pretty much back where I started from 10.12.4 which is great. Just have to get the Nvme Evo Pro going.... Thanks to you & insanelymac! Also it's worth mentioning there are zero issues now (random crashes, stutters & startup errors etc.. ) using the native AMD rx580. So I bought another for my backup rig. Seems like the Nvdia GPU and my board don't like eachother. Anyone wanna buy a couple 12GB Pascal 1080s....:??? ha!
  5. Hey Fabiosun, Actually used your previously posted EFI which was able to get me into 10.12.6 - so thanks for that I've tried Clover 4128 and 4243. Still no change. Even deleted AppleIntelCPUPowermanagement from S/L/E. Still no turbo/speedstep ??? any ideas?
  6. Hey Guys, Any thoughts on why my Turbo is no longer working on my E52696v4 on 10.12.6? Best I can mange is 2.8 when 3.6 is possible I did manage to get my dsdt errors fixed myself (which is great for my noobness) and I'm using properly gen SSDT vectors for my cpu. thanks!
  7. Hey everyone. On 10.12.6 my machine is working pretty awesome . I think only one e5 2696v4 CPU plus the native 580x makes all the difference. I'm hoping someone might be able to fix my DSDT errors so I can make it proper. See attached ioreg and DSDT. Unfortunately I've tried and it's a no go (for me) Would really appreciate any help! jandpants.zip
  8. HEy Fabiosun, What I meant was I just used the Nvdia preference pane to update the driver. While I thought that update would be good on both the Maxwell & Pascal Card, it was only good for the Maxwell. But upon further review It maybe just my particular Motherboard (Supermicro x10Dai) . I was having a hell of a time trying to figure out why certain boots worked and some didn't fpr 10.12.6. Things would work fine and then suddenly NO! Without changing anything! Didn't matter if I changed drives, PCI cards etc. Finally I pulled the cmos battery and reset the BIOS and then finally success to 10.12.6 Only issue is that I had updated my bios to boot to rectify this. Then my DSDT had a bunch of errors so I had to pull one of my dual CPU's and scrap my DSDT too. So Now I have pretty much your EFI, But only 1x 2696v4 and changed my Titans to a Rx580. HAd to Lose the M.2 Drive ( because I can only use 3 slots with 1 cpu on my board now) Good news It seems that my system is way snappier and tighter on 1 CPU's plus the native AMD graphic are SO much better working in Logic and Protools on my rig. Use to have some performance issues with plug ins and Latency . Which with my hardware was ridiculous. Seems Apple and their developers only use 1 CPU and even though I could trick the system to make it work with two E5 2696v4's. It just ain't gonna be as effective as the 1 CPU. Geekbench goes from about 80 down to 60 ish now. But again performance in real world apps is much better (for me!) Only issue is now I guess I need a new DSDT cuz my CPU fan seems to forever be on full. I am afraid I can't do this on my own. I Noob Suck at DSDT do I. Anyone care to help me out. Please?
  9. Ok so I switch the Titan x with 1080 pascal and boots now. So it was the web drivers for the pascal. It seems the pascal has issues with 10.12.6 in my rig. I do remember updating the web drivers through the nvdia pref app when on the backup rig with the titan x. So maybe all Nvdia 10.12.6 are not vanilla through the Nvdia pref app. It targets your specific card? Gonna try a few things and get back
  10. Thanks Fabiosun During the login. It happens toward the end of the xpcm cpu population (I think) . I'll upload a screenshot. It happens so quick I actually used your efi to to get to 10.12.6 . And yes I patched the graphics.it loads the web driver fine in the backup rig. It's weird but I figure it has to be with cpus since there is 2....
  11. Hey everyone! I'm back. I've used my main rig on 10.12.3 for a few projects with much success. I wanted to update to 10.12.6 to take advantage of few advances in my apps. So I updated my back up rig which is identical to my main rig with success to 10.12.6. The Backup rig is the same (mobo,bios, PCI cards, peripherals,clover etc..) to my main rig other than : -less Ram (Same type just less) -A TItan X instead of a Titan pascal 1080Ti -One 2696v4 CPU instead of 2x of them -No NVme drive Simply cloned the backup rig drive. The cloned drive now also boots the backup rig. But it DOES NOT boot the main rig even after pulling the NVme. Just KP's nasty. I figured it was a VoodooTScsync issue so I edited it for 63 threads (They are actually 2x44core/88 threads but it is dialed down to 32/64 for OSX limit) but still no joy. ANy ideas? Should I pull the older Titan and try it in the main rig? Thanks in advance!
  12. Wow guys really really appreciate this. Did as you say and SUCCESS!!!! All is golden. And actually could always use more disk space hah! Think I'll add another nvme just for a media work drive. I'll do my next project on this rig and I'm so stoked. So much effort just to help out . Much karma going your way. Hope to give back one day.
  13. He mfc88 and Fabiosun. When I try this method I get a KP. Only way it works is just with Pike's patches which you'll see are engaged in my config.plist. I know this should work so of course I have to be a noobi weiner and doing something wrong. Please forgive. See my IO reg and clover folder with dumped Origin. From What I see My ACPI path is _SB.PCI1.QR3C.H000. Note I have a regular SSD Booting the computer and then I point to the clover boot loader to launch a clone on the NVME drive. Which always shows as external. Only way for the Supermicro X10Dai board till a bios update I'm told. I don't think I'm behind a PCi bridge - nor can I see a DSM conflict. I have the HackrNvmeFamily. kext in the Clover/other on the SSD boot drive and S/L/E in the Nvme OS drive So I'm stumped!!! Again, any help would be greatly appreciated By the way every time I do a cache rebuild I get the Nvdia Icon back! But lose it after reboot. Perhaps a Nv ram (Emuvariable) clover issue? Jandypants.zip