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  1. Sorry to hear that. As someone else already asked: do you have plans to set up a new Hackintosh for yourself? I wouldn't mind piggyback riding on your choices then
  2. After I cloned the HD (I started with a larger one and now as it's running so well, it's going to become my father-in-law's hackint0sh) shutdown works ... But I cannot get audio to work nor sleep. Regards, jibe
  3. Hi, I built this (well, built is a little much said: currently the mobo is sitting in a fruit cardboard box on top of an old ATX power supply) using boot-132 method and apart from sound I got it working. Well, sleep doesn't really work. If I try to put it to sleep, the hd powers spins down and the mouse pointer disappears. If I then move the mouse you can hear the hd spin up again. Is there a way to get it properly into sleep? Restart works find but shut down doesn't. When I try to shutdown it gives me a kernel panic. Any idea where to look for? Thanks! jibe
  4. About this Mac

    works like a charm here! thnx a million.
  5. You are right - I did the first steps from a Mac running Tiger - and there "umount" is wrong and only "unmount" works. My bad. Anyway, thanks again for your scripts! I had to re-install my hackintosh today and it went like a charm. And now i should have created a proper backup strategy that should allow a quicker rebuild next time And now a silly question which I am pretty sure has been asked (and answered) at least a zillion times already: what do I need to change so that it shows the proper processor in "about this mac" and the desired info in system profiler? cheers, jibe
  6. I needed to reinstall my Leopard and found that there is a bug in your pre-patch.sh sudo diskutil umount /dev/${PART} needs to be sudo diskutil unmount /dev/${PART} (umount needs to be unmount) and one more sudo cp -r kext/ALCInject.kext /Volumes/$DESTINATION/System/Library/Extensions/ needs to be sudo cp -r kext/ALCinject.kext /Volumes/$DESTINATION/System/Library/Extensions/ (ALCinject.kext - upper vs. lower case "i") cheers, jibe
  7. Hi, I was running a fine hackintosh (P35-DS4 w. Q6600) - it was running so nice that I stopped noticing it's a special box that might need some special care. So I installed the driver for a USB LabelPrinter that I own - installation went fine and then boom ... Kernel Panic. So I rebooted and now I get a kernel panic already when booting. Booted into Darwing with -s and -v it throws me this Backtrace terminated-invalid frame pointer 0 Kernel loadable modules in backtrace (with dependencies): com.apple.driver.AppleAHCIPort(1.1.0)@0x5c685000->0x5c68dfff dependency: com.apple.iokit.IOPCIFamily(2.4.1)@0x55282000 dependency: com.apple.iokit.IOAHCIFamily(1.0.4)@0x5c66e000 Any idea what I could do except trying to reinstall? I created a backup with SuperDuper yesterday but unfortunately that's on a SATA drive and only the hackintosh has the SATA connection (yeah, I know - not very smart). Maybe I should rip one of these MyBook Essential Cases apart to gain myself a USB-SATA bridge and then use one of my Macs to fix it ... Any help is appreciated! -jibe
  8. sorry that it took a day longer than planned. I just hooked up another 20" widescreen and no problems whatsoever. And in System Profiler it looks like this. Sorry, now I have to re-connect the 2nd screen again to my wife's iMac other I will feel physical pain :-) hope this helps! jibe
  9. No, currently I only run one 20" wide - tonight I can try to connect another 20" to the other port and see what it does. I will keep you posted. regards, jibe
  10. All things AHCI on ICH9R

    One thing that you might wanna try: plug in the drive, open Disk Utility (in the utilities folder), select the drive in the left column and then hit the "mount" button. That's what I sometimes do when I unmounted/ejected a drive and I forgot something and don't want to switch the drive off and on again just to have it mount again. Maybe this helps. cheers, jibe
  11. I am using a passively cooled MSI 7600GT with 2 DVI ports. It's called MSI NX7600GT-T2D256EZ and I got it on eBay for 35 EUR incl. shipping. Runs without a problem, supports QE/CI using nvinject. cheers, jibe
  12. Mozilla says Firefox 3 ready for prime-time

    this is for all you guys that dislike the firefox look http://takebacktheweb.org/ -jibe
  13. just wanted to say thanks to ls8 for this great guide. After our truthful iMac G5 died with the video board probs that Apple has extended its warranty to 3 years - but our's is now 3.5 years ... we still have to see if Apple might be willing to fix it nevetheless. Anyway - with the iMac I thought it might be time to try to build a hackintosh and I have to say once you get the hang of it it was easy as pie. The trickiest part for me was to find out which items are the right ones (I'm a mac user since 92 and have only build one pc box before: a mini-itx with via cpu which is our home server running debian etch). So, this was my shopping list: Gigabyte GA-P35-DS4 rev. 2.0 2 x 750 Gig SAMSUNG HD753LJ SATA Intel Q6600 Quadcore 2.4 GHz 2 x 2 Gig PC800 DDR2 MSI NVidia Geforce 7600GT 256 Megs, passive cooled LG GH20NS10 SATA DVD-R Be Quiet Straight Power 400 W CoolerMaster CM690 black I am pretty pleased with the setup. The case is okayish (having mainly only dealt with Apple cases before there are a few things which are just "yuck" - like removing the front panel; on a mac it's just elegant and smooth). But apparently everything works. Graphic card is detected (currently only connected via VGA to the 20" Syncmaster - the DVI is used by the macmini), audio works, burning works, network does, sleep works (I have to figure out how to be able to wake the system up with the keyboard though - I suspect a BIOS setting), shutting down results in the system being restarted currently (any ideas?). I already updated the system using software update with the updates that where there - security update, time machine update, itunes etc. - no problem at all. I was just like as if it was a mac Also I need to figure out how to teach the system profiler and the "about this mac" to show proper information (currently it says as model identifier P35-DS4 and of course this needs to be changed ). I now think I should've gotten a more powerful PSU - adding 2 more optical drives (a DVD reader and my good ol' Yamaha F1 CD burner) and it's so tempting to put a few more HDs into the case. I would like to post the BIOS settings that I currently have (I have to admit that I don't even know which BIOS version I'm currently running ...) and have you guys do a sanity check on them? For that I have to dig up the card reader for the SD card ... maybe tomorrow. Last but not least a tidbit that might be interesting for others: I own three WD My Book 2 Essential - external 1 TB USB drives. The main reason I bought them late last year was that they were cheaper than the internal HDs on their own (there are WD10EACS built into the plastic cases) - I wanted eventually move them to a proper Taurus case but am waiting for the v.2 to hit the stores here. Anyway, the hackintosh case now does have enough room for hard drives so i connected one them internally. After I started the box up the drive showed - but only 33 MB capacity (yes, MEGAbyte). I thought that it's a cable or whatever issue ... nope, even the BIOS shows the drive as being 33 MB in capacity. Connected it to a windows box, linux box - no change. Connected it via the USB bridge from the case - no change. Apparently there is a problem with these WD drives where this happens - the drive is fried. Fortunately I didn't break the case so I put the drive back in and will now return it to WD to have it replaced. Has anyone of you experienced trouble with this board and this drive? Is anyone successfully running a 1 TB drive with this board? Sorry for the lenghty post - thanks to those of you that actually read it and of course last but not least thanks to ls8 for this great guide! cheers -jibe