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  1. [pre-release] macOS High Sierra

    I get as far as 2nd stage install but as soon as it starts, I get either firmware error or osinstall package corrupted I've tried adding the firmware features option to my smbios section but I still get the same has anyone managed to overcome this error and how did you do ? ta HP Omen Laptop - intel kabylake i5 with intel 630 and geforce 1050 graphics
  2. Those screenshots don't prove anything. My Powerbook 1.67Ghz with ATI 9700 shows the transparent menu bar when using both the 2D and 3D docks. Just like my macbook pro does.
  3. Will you use 2D or 3D dock on bottom?

    You read the previous posts in this thread.
  4. Will you use 2D or 3D dock on bottom?

    To be able to use the 2D dock, you need to open terminal.app (Applications->Utilities) and enter the following 2 commands : defaults write com.apple.dock no-glass -boolean YES and killall Dock (Thanks to the image on macrumours)
  5. Resize is still in preview It is under the Tools menu.
  6. Front Row

    FrontRow works on my Powerbook G4, using the keyboard. So with a bluetooth keyboard or VNC, should be easy to control.
  7. Build 9A559 on a PowerBook 17" 1.67ghz and 1 GB of ram appears to run as smooth as it does on my Macbook Pro 2.4ghz. Of course thats just the OS itself, other apps are generally slower (like VLC which can't decode mkv fast enough on the PB). Neooffice takes longer to open etc.
  8. The Safari download problem exists with the ADC downloaded build 9A559. 9A559 is not GM, 9A581 is. 9A567 was just another internal build that was never released externally.
  9. Where did that screenshot come from?
  10. Zip/Unzip Program in Leopard

    Gives an error still.
  11. Local Time Machine?

    Jesus Christ, why don't you read what you are told. OSX will NOT complain if you you have a third partition which is used for a time machine backup. You know the trick, it is mentioned above. You also know that you can use it on an internal partition. As for a disk image, you need a PARTITION.
  12. 9A559 and Airport Disks

    Works fine for me.
  13. Local Time Machine?

    You can use any osx hfs partition on your hard drive. So even if you have OSX, Windows, Linux and a spare HFS partition, you can use that spare one.
  14. Local Time Machine?

    You can use any partition on the same hard disk, but you cannot use the boot partition. The com.apple.timemachine.supported "trick" does work.
  15. NFS as Time Machine Drive?

    Open terminal.app and cd /Volumes do : ls You should see the name of the shared drive. cd <sharedname> then do : touch .com.apple.timemachine.supported Thats it.