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  1. Could you please help me with Boot0: error problem. I installed successfully with my EP45-UD3R but every time i boot the system it gives me this error. I have to use Gigabyte BootCD to boot correctly every time.
  2. ciao J.Sparrow, Abbiamo bisogno di DSDT con la vostra modifica? Non so perché non può lavorare appena e sempre darmi il panico del nocciolo. I am sorry I don't speak Italian so I try to post the reply with the online translation engine. what i have: p5Q pro turbo Shaphire 4870 1G Q8400 2.66 4GB ram
  3. Seguito l'istruzione ma non ha fatto è andato da parte a parte alla pagina dell'installazione. Appende allo schermo del camaleonte per 4-5 ore. Uso lo stesso bordo di madre come fate e la scheda 1GB di ATI 4870 da Shaphire.
  4. HI J.SPARROW, I followed you guide but stock at :ACPI-SMC-Platformplugin::Start-Waiting for Service(resource matching(apple intel Cpu power Mangement) Time out could you please tel me how to solve this problem? What i have is a P5q pro turbo motherboard/ Shaphire 4870 1G /Q8400/ 4GB ram/ 1TB HDD
  5. P5Q PRO Turbo - modded bios?

    How do u set up the bios? What i did to install Chameleon is using a pkg file. did you do it manually? as long as i see the Chameleon logo, it gave me kernel panic screen >< I didn't change smbios.plist and PlatformUUID.kext. Will it be the reason ? Can i use smbios.plist and PlatformUUID.kext attached from you P5QD post?
  6. P5Q PRO Turbo - modded bios?

    Hello, Could you please teach me how you work out to install 10.6 on you system? I have P5Q pro turbo just like you do, i try to boot using Chameleon RC3 658 but it didn't went through to the install page. Could you tell me your instructions?