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  1. I am interested in buy this motherboard can anyone help me with my questions? The first thing i would like to ask is this this motherboard shutdowns and restarts properly? Has anyone installed 8GB ram and run it to Leopard? and at last can i install pc efi to this board? Thank you very much for your time!
  2. Thank you very much for your answers, i think i wil buy a mac mini for now and make a little research and built an osx86 box later...
  3. Hello everyone. I was saving money to buy an iMac 20" Core 2 duo 2Ghz, but as i was searching in google i found out about the osx86 community, and realized that with these money i could build a dream machine, but i am really confused. Can anyone help? Building an osx86 machine runs like an Apple Mac computer? I can run all the applications just like as it was an Apple machine? Can i install hardware, like a printer or an external soundcard, which has mac osx drivers and work without a problem? Will i face any problem with the disk speed, cause i work with recording audio? And about the machine that i was thinking to built, I was thinking an Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600 with 8GB ram DDR2 800, i intent to use only one DVDR and one hard disk and wireless network, but i have a problem deciding. Can anyone recommend me a micro atx motherboard with firewire and capability to run the above specifications? I was looking for the Asus P5K-VM, will i have any problem installing Leopard 10.5.1? Is there any better micro atx motherboards which will install without problems and run better? I was looking for a nVidia Quadro FX 3400 or 3450 graphic card, will it work flawlessly in dual screen? And lastly what DVDR should i buy, does it de SATA?