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  1. Network between vaio laptop and OSX

    Yeahhh, found it I simply went to my Original folder, Right-click Properties, SHARING Put the settings to share, and whatdoyouknow it worked! Its copying now, at last here is the link which helped me out; http://ericfickes.com/2009/01/a-volu...ror-code-6602/
  2. Network between vaio laptop and OSX

    I got A tip from someone from another forum, Like to share it, cause it helped me on the way he showed me how to get the IP adres, from my laptop, via the RUN command here is how it goes Trouble was that my Laptop is Vista, There is no RUN command in the apps list; instead, type run in the search field, the app will appear, and you can start it Then I had to rightclick on my map that I had to share, and choose to choose SHARE, simple I made choose the permision level, put it on CONTRIBUTOR. this took some seconds, its a BIG map, 207 gig. In OSX, went to FINDER, connect to server I typed smb://xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx/ETHIOPIA To go to the ETHIOPIA folder on my laptop Then I got this message : A volume failed to mount. The volume "ethiopia could not be mounted" and in another new window "unexpected error ocured." (error code -6602) did a google search, found this http://discussions.apple.com/thread....readID=1199905 an old thread from 2007, the problem still persists? or Am I doing something deeply wrong?, well I guess I do. I am closer now, but not just right there. Anybody any ideas?
  3. To my fellow Mac users, some problem here, I have a Vaio Laptop, and a Powermac, with OSX The Vaio contains 250 gig of photographs they need to be transfered to my mac, via a Ethernet cable, As simply as it sounds, I don’t get it done, they cable part is simple, but then you have to put in some server adresses, How can I get to know my Laptop’s adres?, and will it actualy work with my vaio, since the stupid thing doesn’t seem to have appletalk...I have looked up the internet but dont seem to get the info I need, part because I don’t know exactly what to look for; part cause the net itselve seems to lack any information about such a connection… Its infuriating, and I think I am developping a headache now, How can something so basic, to be so difficult, and vagely explained ?? Annyway, here are some details; VAIO VGN-FZ21Z, With Windows Vista, Home premium I think, Don’t know how to check version it really is… MAC powerpc, Leopard OSX v.10.5.6 No appletalk on my laptop No idea how to find the things Net adress I guess other problems will arise, but I am not not that far yet Thats it for today, I hope somebody can help me out here, since I need really need to get some real work to be done here, not this…