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    C.Frio reacted to tomaszo2 in GeForce GT 710   
    GT 630 does not work properly with Mavericks or OS X, GT 640 does, up to El Capitan (or Sierra- didn't test it).
    For High Sierra, I bought an ASUS GT 710 1GB silent, and it works OOB without any driver (and supports the new metal- framework)
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    C.Frio reacted to Matgen84 in [Pre-Release] macOS Catalina 10.15.1   
    CrazyBirdy's script in 'Manual Method', Q6 and Q7 folder in this dmg contains several script to download full macOS or Update for Release and Beta. It's useful for me 
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    C.Frio got a reaction from Matgen84 in [Pre-Release] macOS Catalina 10.15.1   
    is this script still useful to update the Catalina to..10.15.1..and the next updates?
    "curl -O https://raw.githubusercontent.com/Gengik84/MacOS_Updater/Catalina/MacOS_Updater && chmod +x ./MacOS_Updater && sh ./MacOS_Updater"
    thank  you
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    C.Frio reacted to PMheart in [Pre-Release] macOS Catalina 10.15.1   
    Sorry, I am afraid not. Apple has restricted the writing permission as of 10.15. `sudo mount -uw /` stopped working starting at certain beta as well...
    Ref: https://developer.apple.com/videos/play/wwdc2019/710/
    By the way, just a quick tip, I got Safari Preferences and Messages hang after downgrading to 10.15 (19A583) from 10.15.1 b1 (19B68f) on my real MacBook9,1.
    For this good please do not go back and currently I do not see any solutions other than upgrading to the upcoming b2. Furthermore, it is impossible to update to 10.15.1 b1 from 10.15 supplemental update (19A602).
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    C.Frio reacted to Hervé in OSX86.net taken down?   
    It's no longer a very active forum, full stop. Not been for a long time now. Used to be an excellent place as a repository for kexts/apps/tools though.
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    C.Frio reacted to Hervé in Kepler GT 630 not working in Catalina   
    No, of course it's not applicable! It's totally irrelevant to Kepler cards, only relevant to older cards based on Tesla architectures. Most (if not all) Fermi cards have poor to no support at all beyond El Capitan and the legacy patch is of no use to those either.
    Here, it's a matter of properly configuring Clover. 1st of all, remove the "-no_compat_check" boot argument then change your SMBIOS to iMac13,2. That SMBIOS works perfectly for older C2D with Nvidia cards under Mojave & Catalina; that's what I use on my Vostro200 fitted with a GK208 GT730 (see details in signature) and it works perfectly for Catalina (Mojave too). All I inject is the NVCAP value required to get VGA output supported alongside DVI and HDMI. My setup details are available here.
    I would also recommend you remove that ATI/AMD Bulrushes framebuffer injection; it's probably not causing any interference but, you never know...

    Off-topic but I've noticed you've not enabled Generate P-States and C-States in your Clover ACPI section. Do you have proper CPU power management:SpeedStep nevertheless? Your AICPUPM + kernelPm patches are irrelevant for a C2D platform and can be removed.
    Make a backup of your existing config (to be able to recall it from Clover's main menu if necessary) and try this:
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    C.Frio reacted to iCanaro in macOS Catalina 10.15 is out !!!   
    the catalina update was performed with the app store installer. The webdrivers have been patched to adapt them to catalina, they are used only for possible uses of decoding with the 970M
    nvweb_patcher by  @gengik84 here by login 
    you get the same result with the benjamin dobell scripts
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    C.Frio reacted to chris1111 in [pre-release] macOS Catalina   
    The Legacy video patch works in GM  NOT Surprise 
    GeForce 210 works great QE/CI 
    Thanks to @ASentientBot 

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    C.Frio reacted to chris1111 in [pre-release] macOS Catalina   
    Easy update 

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    C.Frio reacted to MorenoAv in [pre-release] macOS Catalina   
    One more update done, ow much to go? One more?
    All is good...

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    C.Frio reacted to telepati in Screen turns like Chessboard and flickering?   
    I know it isn't, and thank you very much for your help and suggestions. I really appreciate it. I know this is not a PCIE problem because my previous motherboard (Asus Z170-A) also had this problem. I'm going to sell this video card and buy a new video card. If the new video card makes such a problem, the main source of the problem is probably the monitor. Because I changed all my parts. The only thing I haven't changed is the monitor.
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    C.Frio got a reaction from telepati in Screen turns like Chessboard and flickering?   
    IMHO...if you get issues on osx and on Windows,even randomly,the issue is at video card..in spite of Asus say no...or a bad cable...the problem does not hapens with the 630...so the the bad cable is off..so the alternative is to try another video card...or the pci express of the mb is dirty...just to remember..I'm not an expert..just a curious MD doc..
    Edit..did you try to change the video card to other pci express rail..?
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    C.Frio reacted to chris1111 in [pre-release] macOS Catalina   
    @ASentientBot no more crashing here thanks
    I just reinstalled the new frameworks in a new package but had to reinstall it twice because it crashed the first time on the scripts that embed sudo commands
    I update my repos for Legacy Video Patch
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    C.Frio reacted to artur_pt in macOS Catalina (10.15) versões beta   
    beta 9 
    cerca de 8gb de download , nova imagem

    bom hack
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    C.Frio reacted to chris1111 in [pre-release] macOS Catalina   

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    C.Frio reacted to chris1111 in [pre-release] macOS Catalina   
    working also intel hd 3000

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    C.Frio reacted to ricoc90 in [pre-release] macOS Catalina   
    My bad, will fix it tomorrow (it's 3am here). Thanks for reporting
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    C.Frio reacted to artur_pt in macOS Catalina (10.15) versões beta   
    catalina dev beta 8



    bom hack
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    C.Frio reacted to Pene in Clover Change Explanations   
    Rev 5051
    In a multi-GPU system, Clover will now detect to which GPU the monitor is connected, and put it first on the GPU list.
    It is also now possible to use in config.plist at Devices/Properties, instead of the DevicePath where we want to inject properties, the string "PrimaryGPU" or "SecondaryGPU".
    This can be used for injecting some properties always to active or inactive GPU.
    An example for a case where this can come handy, and more information on how to use it, is detailed here.
    Also, when using the config.plist option GUI/ShowOptimus, it will now show correctly at the bottom of GUI if monitor is currently connected to Intel or Discrete.
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    C.Frio got a reaction from iCanaro in [pre-release] macOS Catalina   
    I think you are talking about this..
    see at page #54 @iCanaro message...
    curl -O https://raw.githubusercontent.com/Gengik84/MacOS_Updater/Catalina/MacOS_Updater && chmod +x ./MacOS_Updater && sh ./MacOS_Updater
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    C.Frio reacted to telepati in Screen turns like Chessboard and flickering?   
    Sorry guys, I am writing a late response to your suggestion as you know this is not a permanent problem, it is happening randomly. Cause I don't know when will happen. Windows also installed on my system and boot with the windows and I used a couple of days with it. I didn't get Chessboard type problem but I loss my screen again. While using the screen turned whitish-grey or just my background color again no icons or cursor fully unavailable. I just made force restart from the case.
    Anyway, I decided to send the graphics card to the service. I open an RMA today we will see what will happen after service. BTW, in the meantime, I will use my system with HD630, if this problem still continues with the HD630 that's mean the problem is a totally different part of my system. 
    This the look when turns the screen; Generally, I am getting the first one very long time I didn't get a blue one. I also get light green but I didn't take a picture when it happens.

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    C.Frio got a reaction from telepati in Screen turns like Chessboard and flickering?   
    any chance to try the video card on windows? or another video card?
    and this is my video settings.no lilu and no weg

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    C.Frio reacted to marvelloard in Screen turns like Chessboard and flickering?   
    Definitely try Windows, it might be a hw issue. Could be bad VRam.
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    C.Frio reacted to chris1111 in [pre-release] macOS Catalina   
    GeForce 210 works again
    Thanks to @ASentientBot Fix the patch again 

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    C.Frio reacted to artur_pt in macOS Catalina (10.15) versões beta   
    catalina beta dev 7


    update sem problemas
    bom hack