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  1. Hi guys! So I am really new at this and looking for some help. Doing some research and following munky's specified method, I was able to install osx86 onto my hp pavilion 7160n (pentium d). So after the install was comeplete, I took the leopard disk out and put the boot-132 disk (that i burnt for installation with munkys process) back in. But when i load up the hd with the leopard install it just goes to the grey/white apple screen and freezes there. Can someone please explain to me what my next step is or what I am doing wrong? Just looking for some feedback so I can get pointed in the right direction. -------------- So I made a bit of progress but I have not clue what it means. So after installing and rebooting, I put munkys boot-132 disk back in and got to the hd boot screen and then typed in: rd(0,1)/mach_kernel.modbin rd=disk0s2 That allowed me to boot into the OSX. But now I dont know what I have to do next to get my drivers working and how I can make this entire boot process happen automatically on the hd so that I can just boot straight to OSX. Any advice would be much appreciated. Thanks for all your help in advance, Indy