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  1. Installing Windows

    finally i solved the problem, thanks for all the help.
  2. Installing Windows

    1: The BIOS has always been set to have the first boot device CDROM. 2: I don't have any important data because all the data was moved safely, but if you can tell me how to format the drive it will be much appreciated.
  3. Installing Windows

    Hello, I have Leopard for over 6 months, on a HP Notebook. Now I just want to install a windows on it, and remove the Leopard from my Notebook. The problem is that any windows cd/dvd does not boot. The bootloader it's always booting Leopard, and I can't reinstall windows on my Notebook. There must be a way to solve this problem,... does anyone know how ? Thanks in advance.
  4. Install Question !?!

    Hello, I tried to find out from the web but I could find yet anything sure. As far as I know, all iATKOS version works only in Core 2 Solo, but I'm not 100% sure, so I want to ask you. Recently I bought a Core 2 Quad, is there any iATKOS version that supports Core 2 Quad Processors ? Thanks in advance.
  5. Intel950 Problem

    Hello, I've read Dr. Hunt's topic, and I followed every single step but my resolution it's stucked to 1024x768. I have an HP 530 with Intel GMA950. I also have installed all kexts packages but still don't work. Anyone knows how to solve this problem? Thanks.