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  1. I have found that changing of Terminal.app window size does not work. If I change size in the preference pane, I *can* see the change immediately, but at the moment I open a new window, this information is lost. Moreover, if I change the font size, then the window seems to "remember" the absolute window dimensions, and tries to set the number of columns/rows accordingly. So, if I increase the font size, the rows & columns decrease - and I can't change that. I wasn't able to find any info about it in Terminal.app configuration. Can somebody help?
  2. Hello, I am trying to build an application on iphone. Every time it starts, it initializes the random number generator (something very common). So I thought I would use the "main" routine or "applicationDidFinishLaunching" or "viewDidLoad" to pu the famous srand (time(NULL)); function. Unfortunately, this didn't seem to work. Although every time I start the emulator, I did get a different random seed, as long as I don't quit the emulator, the emulator seed does not change. To debug this issue, I put a printf in all these methods/functions so that I would see how often this code is executed. And (not to much of a) surprise, only once this code is executed. If I exit the application and enter again, this code is not executed. Even dealloc is not executed. Any help on the application/memory lifecycle of an iphone application?
  3. This is a very nice tutorial... I'd suggest to be marked "sticky" along with the other one, since this REALLY explains how to programmaticaly do actions.
  4. Cocoa Tutorial

    Nice tutorial. I'd suggest a step further down. How can I make it, so when I leave the slider, the value also is printed in the console? (e.g. with printf?) What I am trying to do is, how to connect "events" with real programming (and not only click & drag & drop) EDIT: A more advanced totorial can be found here: http://forum.insanelymac.com/index.php?showtopic=91735
  5. Ypo probably need Chameleon for this - you might have a JMicron controller (use google and search for "chameleon Bring Mac OS X Developers Together" )
  6. Have you found a solution to this problem?
  7. iatkos upgrade to 10.5.3 fail

    I have the same problem, where did you find this solution? I'd say, you can install this patch BEFORE rebooting, just when OSX is still active (after installation). Please if you give more info, we might be help to each other