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  1. miketress

    GA-X58A-UD7 ALC889 No Audio

    This combination is working for me. 4 outs, 2 ins. Front jacks dont work. Digital not tested. Included are my BIOS version, and current dsdt.. ALC889_GA_X58A_UD7_Bios_F6.zip
  2. Edvardlee, the 9600 GT works with device-properties string ( also known as efi-string ), generated with DD´s script.
  3. Mike, Vmware 2.0.6 wil support 64 bit host, so finding the right kexts now is not a waste of time..
  4. Try changing MacPro4,1 to MacPro3,1 in /Extra/smbios.plist, that fixed this for me.. Mike
  5. http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php...p;#entry1248411 Next time, search first. It's in this topic, like, 2 pages back..
  6. I did a clean install, and then used DD's script but replaced the RealtekR1000.kext . Snow is the only partition on is GUID disk, so it's the main active partition. I don't boot Leo anymore.. All the other kexts are in /Extra. Mike
  7. Hi all, I've managed to boot into 64bit, with full network/audio/gfx support. Audio: DSDT-patch and alc889a.kext in /Extra (Bios: F8) Network: RealtekR1000.kext in /S/L/E Gfx: efi-string Used ChameleonRC2.. It all works, even bonjour (only in 64bit though) and dhcp. My board is a ga-ex58-extreme, so YMMV.. Mike_sKexts.zip
  8. miketress

    Open CL and Nvidia Graphics

    9600GT is supported.
  9. miketress

    2009 Live DVD

    This even works with Snow leopard, just remember the extensions.mkext is located in a different folder in 10.6, and repair permissions after editing the kexts. Mike
  10. Mitch, I'm running a 9600GT 512Mb (like you) instead of the 8800GTx you wrote in your post.
  11. miketress

    10.5.8 deep sleep problem?

    In Snow Leopard 10a432: SleepEnabler works the first time, computer wakes up, but second time I put it to sleep, the computer doesn't (fan keeps running at full speed) and I can't get it to wake up anymore. Mike
  12. miketress

    9600gt 1024mb

    My 9600 GT is also working great with gfx strings ( 32/64) I can't share the string 'cause it's a 512 mb.
  13. Number of OpenCL devices found: 2 OpenCL Device # 0 = GeForce 9600 GT Device 0 is an: GPU with max. 1625 MHz and 64 units/cores Now computing - please be patient.... time used: 0.753 seconds OpenCL Device # 1 = Intel® Core i7 CPU 920 @ 2.67GHz Device 1 is an: CPU with max. 3800 MHz and 8 units/cores Now computing - please be patient.... time used: 3.137 seconds EDIT: updated to v025
  14. MAJ, Kabyl is testing a recompiled RealtekR1000.kext which works in 64 bit. You should wait and incorporate it in your script. No word on a release date though, but I have tested it and it worked on a ex58-ud5 and a ex58-extreme. Bonjour and DHCP too. Mike
  15. This worked, now I can dual-boot SL and Windows 7 with Chameleon and Fusion. Thx!