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  1. Sorry for spam but what you've made me !! What you've done is so amazing. Respect.
  2. Hi fighters! I used to struggle some years ago with iDeneb installation on my Asus F5RL, after some months of struggle I finally did it. When I finally saw the apple in upper left corner of the screen I was so happy that I wanted to , but then disappointment came suddenly.. No QE No CI No hardware acceleration at all, no sleep mode, no BT, no wireless, no this, no that.. I knew that Asus is sh^t but I thought that core2duo/2Gram makes it in some way powerful (2008), I was wrong. Finally I bought a REAL mac, as I don't have reach parents and I'm not awfully reach, I had to choose the low end one. I chose 2x1ghz g4, 2gb ram, geforce4 + apple studio display 17" it was about 200$/150€ incl delivery. It works perfect, except some overheating+noise which is well known issue, and ofcourse some hardware restrictions-no CI. This wonderful device allowed me to try and examine the Mac OS X, I found many things that are missing in Windows, like f9 f10 f11 keys, advanced drag'n'drop.. Enough this bullsheat. I found that everyone is lookin' for a perfect configuration but nobody ever found one, maybe the best configuration is Mac PRO? Probably is, but who have enough bling bling to buy a box for 5000$ and a screen for 2000$? I don't have that money. The main question is, is there a chance to run MacOSX on a pc at full speed? With no trouble like no sleep mode? It is not possible to find equivalent motherboard like those installed in macs pro for 2xquad xeon at a lower price, but the single xeon quads are installed in ibm computers which i can buy for about 1000 bucks in factory outlet, so I guess it is possible to build a MAC compatible pc. My problem, and a question to Y'all: is it worth to search, look for those compatible parts? Or maybe it just makes no sense and I should buy a realmac instead of tryin' to jack SteveJ.. I'm usin' my mac for fun at the moment, it's impossible to use it for work on this cpu and gpu, Adobe CS5 don't like powerpc. I'm not goin' to starve for a year to buy a mac pro but I would like to have a choice which os I want to work on. I'm boring? cheers. :) :)
  3. Do y'all think this should work on mdd g4 powermac?
  4. Compatible Parts for PowerMac G5 Case Mod?

    hey dude, it's not g5 but i hope i'll help you though. http://www.s155158671.websitehome.co.uk/wi...pcinaapple.html Good luck.
  5. Hi all. I'm kinda rookie with macosx so excuse me if my question is silly. The issue i'm havin' is the sound card sampling rate in my low end mac mdd, it's 44khz while the texas instruments can handle 48 or more I guess. Therefore my creative zen mosaic sounds better... I tried to look for some google help but I couldn't find it anywhere, is it possible to change this setting in the system? Is there any third party controller for this hardware? In windows I never had such problems... (english isn't my native language so you know..) This is what system profiler shows (it's polish, but you should know what is this): Wbudowana karta dźwiękowa: [sound card <build in>] CODEC: Texas Instruments TAS3004 Częstotliwość próbkowania: 44.1 KHz [sampling rate] Liczba wejść: 1 [inputs] Liczba wyjść: 4 [outputs] Urządzenia: [hardware] Wejście: Typ: wejście poziomu liniowego Wyjście: Typ: słuchawki Wyjście: Typ: głośnik wewnętrzny Wyjście: Typ: głośnik zewnętrzny Wyjście: Typ: wyjście poziomu liniowego
  6. Radeon Xpress 200M

    For example my Asus F5RL based on Intel core2duo with 2 gigs of ram is equipped with this worthless gpu... I used to look for those drivers but I've lost any hope, this gpu is just sh*t. I've bought a low-end overclocked mac instead.
  7. Radeon Xpress 200M

    This sh*t just cannot work I guess... It's a pity'cause I bought an Asus f5rl with this inside. Well, not a big deal. The G4 is not expensive so i guess I'll change the platform simply... F*ck Intel... Anyways the mac osx worked on this piece of Asus garbage, maybe it is not a full throttle but photoshop works more stable on this than on winxp. Does anyone know any way to make this sh*t work on at least 1280-800?