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  1. Enable Haltenabler in config file.
  2. What about config file? What do you have in these settings? I Have sam board and ran you script but no audio.?
  3. WhatEverGreen Support Topic

    Got this thing running on High Sierra with Whatevergreen and Lilu and SMBIOS MacPro 6.1 Runs fine and all 36 units running. Have to do some real life test but I consider this as solved. Thanks!
  4. WhatEverGreen Support Topic

    The first PCI slot and on display. But I've tried al combinations already. 1 GPU is fine, 2 only save mode and 2 with full OS it stops before login screen and screen is not totally black but does not pass to ge in OSX. i read about multimonitor and chose first connectors for certain output maybe that is something I can try as well. It's a pain in the a....
  5. WhatEverGreen Support Topic

    I have Z270X-Gaming 5 and in BIOS there is no 4G decoding? I'm able to boot in save mode. And here are the connectors: 0:103 0:000 PCI (00|00:00.00) : 8086 591F class=060000 0:103 0:000 PCI (00|00:01.00) : 8086 1901 class=060400 0:103 0:000 PCI (00|01:00.00) : 1002 67DF class=030000 0:103 0:000 - GFX: Model=AMD Radeon RX480 (ATI/AMD) 0:103 0:000 PCI (00|01:00.01) : 1002 AAF0 class=040300 0:103 0:000 - HDMI Audio: 0:103 0:000 PCI (00|00:01.01) : 8086 1905 class=060400 0:103 0:000 PCI (00|02:00.00) : 1002 67DF class=030000 0:103 0:000 - GFX: Model=AMD Radeon RX480 (ATI/AMD) 0:103 0:000 PCI (00|02:00.01) : 1002 AAF0 class=040300 0:103 0:000 - HDMI Audio: 0:103 0:000 PCI (00|00:08.00) : 8086 1911 class=088000 Could it be a signal routing when drivers are loaded?
  6. WhatEverGreen Support Topic

    Would you mind sharing you Clover folder with config and kext? I have 580 8 GB but when using two of them I got black screen and no OS Thanks.
  7. WhatEverGreen Support Topic

    Hi I have an AMD 580 8 GB running with WhateverGreen.kext 1.04 and Lilu.kext 1.17 on Sierra 10.12.6 It is running fine. No Clover injection or anything else on Z270X-Gaming 5 Gigabyte mobo. Now I want to add another 580 8 GB and then OSX just won't boot. BIOS, Clover and OSX starts fine but when it comes to sending signal to screen it stops and ends with almost black screen. Does anyone has an idea how to fix this? Or point me to an direction? I have searched myself but can't find anything yet. Using Clover_v2.4k_r4200 Thanks!
  8. X99-UD5-WIFI USB3 all working

    Hi indeed sometimes the RAM needs a bit more than 1.2 V. Specially when overclocking. I had in many cases set it for both A en B slots to 1.25 or 1.26 V Not sure what GPU you use but with the 980 TI I had also some more trouble. But in general these are fast machines and great to work with. I've build a dozen of them for my customers. If you need Thunderbolt PCI-Card I still have a few of them. Cheers!
  9. X99-UD5-WIFI USB3 all working

    I don't use it anymore. But the systems I've build are ment to work with Video Editors. Netherlands? Me Too? Grappig dat we dan engels praten toch? Cheers!
  10. Yes I have it running but I used a custom BIOS F 23C. I will upload it when I'm at home next week. Don't have it with me here. TB will work as I have it running on more than one system of X99-UD4 as well on X99-UD5-WIFI. If it takes too long remind me again for the BIOS as well as for the BIOS settings.
  11. NVIDIA - new beta Pascal drivers

    That would be about time! Thanks Nvidia and Apple.!
  12. X99-UD5-WIFI USB3 all working

    You are right about that. There are no 3rd party USB devices involved with this. USBInjectAll.kext is intended for Intel only. USB-3 front motherboard connection is connected thru SSP01 and SSP02 This board has two connectors for USB3 front/top panel. I used the first one. USB-2 front motherboard connection is connected thru HS13 and HS14. Also here I used the first one. Anyway you can easily find your used ports when enabling portlimit patch and remove the USB SSDT. Backpanel is for all boards the same so in worst case only the front panel ports would have an issue. If any one has questions? Feel free to ask of course.
  13. Hi, I was struggling to get all my USB-3 ports running on the right speed and get rid of the portlimit patch. Now I have it perfectly working and running on 10.12.3. In my attachment I have the kext files, clover config files en SSDT for USB and the BIOS settings for F23C. Remove any previous versions of USB injectors and SSDT files. Install the kext in S/L/E Use my config file for DSDT edits for EHCI and XHC Use the BIOS settings as in my screenshots And you should be good to go. No need for port limit patch and waste unused ports and power. Big thanks and credit goes to RehabMan. He made the kext and how-to. I just did the job on my system. I was thinking to share this because I know you are never alone with an issue. :-) Ed X99-UD5-WIFI-F23C.zip
  14. shutdown troubles - reboots instead

    I had the same with Firewire PCI card. I changed SMBIOS and it was gone. Also check your BIOS setting. I also remember settings with USB settings in BIOS to fix these issues. In my case none of the Clover edits of DSDT worked. All my systems run without DSDT. Good luck!