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  1. Buffali wli-uc-gn, no device!

    I'd like to report that this adapter works like a champ on my ACER Aspire One AOA150. I am using the version 2.x drivers from Ralink's site. There are no replug issues and I now have working wireless using OS 10.6.1. Win 7 picks up the device without drivers, but I can also use my AOA's built in card. I bought this to use with my two Hackintoshes and it's just fine. S
  2. "Retail" on MBR

    I have done this method of install. I installed 10.6 retail to a GUID formatted HD in my Acer Aspire One. The disc was restored to a USB stick and booted with Netboot Maker. Once the system was installed to the HD I updated to 10.6.1 and made sure any other kexts were installed. After that I used SuperDuper! to create an image of that drive to an external HD. I then wiped the drive and reformated to an MBR scheme to install Win7 and Ubuntu Netbook Remix. After I was done with that I restored my 10.6.1 image to an available partition with my original USB installer stick. It took some dickering with Chameleon, GRUB, and a Win7 installation repair, but I now tri-boot with 10.6.1, Win7 and UNR 9.04. The only thing that is not working under 10.6.1 is my Atheros based wifi. It is easy to do. It just takes more time as the install is made, imaged, wiped out, and restored. S
  3. Partial Success for me on an Acer Aspire One (1st gen) with stock parts. Currently triple booting Win7 Ultimate, Ubuntu Netbook Remix 9.04, and Mac OS X 10.6.1. On the Apple side of things, I cannot get the R1000.kext to give me an IP address. The interface is active, but I get a 169.x.x.x address rather than the 192.x.x.x I should be getting on my home network. I used a retail 10.6 image restored to an 8gb memory stick. That was made workable by using Netbook Boot Maker 0.83. The install was initially tried on a GUID partition table, but I could not get Win7's installer to work with that partition scheme. I updated to 10.6.1 without issue by using the downloaded update rather than the OS's Software Update CP. I then backed up the working image to an external USB drive using SuperDuper. Started from scratch with an MBR partition table as I read that OSX can live on an MBR disk, just not be installed there. Win7 was installed first, then Ubuntu Netbook Remix. The drive had three partitions with Win7 and UNR on partitions 2 and 3. Grub worked fine with both OSes. I restored the image to the first partition with my 8gb stick installer's Disk Utility. It would now boot with my installer's Chameleon bootloader. I was able to install Chameleon to the MBR from within my booted OSX partition. Now OSX could boot, but not UNR, or 7. I used the UNR install media to boot into the UNR environment and install GRUB to Ubuntu's partition. Now GRUB worked from Chameleon but for Linux only. Win7 would bluescreen with a stop error. One more boot into Win7's installer to repair the install and make the partition active. Before rebooting I used diskpart to make the Mac OS partition active. (not so) Short List: Make 1 GUID partition on the Acer's HD with the installer's Disk Utility. Install OS X from Retail 10.6 image restored to USB with NBM. Update to 10.6.1 with downloaded update. Make image of the HD with SuperDuper (this is REALLY simple). Start over with a reformat of the Acer's HD - 3 partitions with MBR. Install Win 7 Install UNR Transfer Acer's OS 10.6.1 image with Mac OS Installer Use the Installer's Chameleon bootloader to boot back into your 10.6.1 partition on the Acer's HD. Install Chameleon to the MBR. Use UNR install media to boot into live environment. Reinstall GRUB to Ubuntu's partition. Use Win7's install media to repair the Win7 install. Use the Installer's Chameleon bootloader to boot back into your 10.6.1 partition on the Acer's HD. (again) Use diskutil to make 10.6.1 partition active. Reinstall Chameleon to Acer's HD. Done. This was the result of reading three different guides written for the Dell Mini and figuring things out on my own. Perhaps some of it is needlessly complicated, but I have a working triple boot environment. As a result of all of this, I have Chameleon installed to the MBR of the 160gb HD. It boots to OSX normally, Win7 normally, and UNR through GRUB when selected through Chameleon. I understand that I need to swap out the wireless card as there are no working ar5001 kexts for the Atheros card. Which is the best buy for the One? Can anyone help out with this Realtek issue? I have tried kexts from kexts.com (org, etc), and the Sourceforge installer as well as from an "AA150 Netbook Pack" from Prasys' site. All activate the en0 interface, but I cannot get a valid IP address from my router for net access. Thanks, S. Strungis
  4. I was able to get functionality back on my kb and trackpad by using the rapidshare linked file. I started with Kalyway 10.5.2 and their first update. Then I applied apple's delta upgrade to .4. That's when trouble started. .5 upgrade did not fix. I applied the RS patch and all is well again. S --Acer Aspire One 160 / 1gb