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  1. ATi Mobility Radeon x1700

    Hi! For the last one or two weeks I am spending every minute of my spare time to get the graphics on my notebook working properly. I think that I read all threads belonging to this topic, but no success so far. My setup: - Acer Travelmate 5720 with ATI Mobility Radeon X2500 (aka X1700, device-id = 0x71DE) - iPC 10.5.6 final After a fresh install, graphics run out of the box with QE/CI enabled. BUT i am limited to 1024x768 (instead of 1280x800) and have video errors below the mouse pointer (little squares). Really tried everything to fix this, but all i get using ATIinject or others, is a blank lcd with backlight turned off. It seems that booting continues properly and the system starts up ok, but I can't see anything. Editing ATIinject's plist.info with my EDID did not help at all. Here's the data, if anyone needs it: 00FFFFFF FFFFFF00 06AF7421 00000000 010F0103 80211578 0A1CF597 58508E27 27505400 00000101 01010101 01010101 01010101 0101C71B 00A05020 17303020 36004BCF 10000018 0000000F 00000000 00000000 00000000 00200000 00FE0041 554F0A20 20202020 20202020 000000FE 00423135 34455730 32205631 200A00AA I completely ran out of ideas how to fix this. Can anyone help me please? Thx in advance!