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  1. slashack, you are a freaking GROSO! A hero! No less. I've been looking for a solution to this problem for 3 weeks, I even went to change my RAM (I had to tell the guys at the shop that I was running Windows!) and today, when I got my new RAM and the problem persisted I started thinking about OS X and then I though of a Kext issue.... so I googled my problem looking for a kext for RAM (WTF?) but this thread came up and YOU had the solution. I have 2 IDE hard drives and 1 SATA DVD-drive, so far so good. I've used your JMicronATA (0.6), 4GB of RAM. Cheers from Río Negro... you know... Argentina. PS for english readers: GROSO means "great", "huge", "giant" and similars, in spanish.
  2. Hi there! Listen, I have the same card and I took me a while to get it to work properly but the solution, in my case was extremely easy. I'd tried a few "drivers" (i'm not sure you call them that way in Mac) but then I had the simple idea of installing Leopard without selecting a video driver and it just worked out of the box! I hope it helps you! PS: my laptop is an Acer Aspire 5315