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  1. hi, i have a evga gtx560 wich didnt have any problem with 10.12 or 10.11, but i have artifacts with high sierra. Most of the times the artifacts come when i put a video from youtube on fullscreen and exit fullscreen. If i put the machine to sleep or change resolution, artifacts are completely gone for a few minutes. tried official drivers and also nvidia webdriver which came out yesterday, have no problems with additional kexts like nvwebdriverlibvalfix.kext or nvidiagraphicsfixup and agdpfix, no black screens at boot, i can confirm that webdriver is working, but the artifacts are the same with those drivers or the official ones. Also played around with applegraphicspowermanagement.kext but nothing changes. Im out of ideas, any help please? thanks in advance!!
  2. williamzorak

    Asus 1201N Installation and support

    hi! first i want to thank a lot to nasseau and crazy juice for the effort i made my usb key installer and it boots perfectly, but the installation doesn't recognize my hd, the only option hd being recognized in disk utilities is my usb hd, but not the internal hd. it has a partition with win 7 and it used to dual boot with snow leo without any problem any ideas why the internal hd couldn't be recognized in the installer? thanks
  3. williamzorak

    Asus 1201N Installation and support

    HOW DID YOU DO IT??!!!!!
  4. williamzorak

    Asus 1201N Installation and support

    excellent news!!!! Waiting for the guide!!!
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    ULTIMATIVE wakeup the Lion from sleep topic

    I have an Asrock Wolfdale1333 R2 with a DSDT patched by me that worked fine in SL, now in Lion sleep wasn't working and I've been trying like crazy for 3 days straight and now its working perfectly! Im still using the GMA950 onboard (which is also patched in the dsdt and its running perfect with full QE/ci) , but I'm planning to buy something better in a few days, back to the point: i used the CMOS patch, and it wasn't still working, the machine rebooted when trying to wake from sleep, then, after trying a billion things, i found in the bios that the option "Execute Disable Bit" was disabled, i enabled it, and voila, sleep works perfect after that change. id suggest everyone with problems to check that option in the bios setup.
  6. williamzorak

    Final solution (FIX) for GMA950 Desktop edition - NEW 28 DEC 08

    thanks for this great guide! ive managed to make sleep and gma950 work on snow leo on an asrock wolfdale1333-d667 (i modified the dsdt.aml following the patch v2 guide) in case somebody has the same mobo, ill upload the dsdt thanks again! DSDT.aml.zip
  7. sorry, am im missing something? long time no update on this thread, i just wanted to say that thanks to this guide ive succesfuly installed snow leo on a asrcok wolfdale1333-d667 had to patch dsdt on my own after a lot of reading and following this guide http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=143340 in order to make the gma950 and sleep work now everything is working, thanks to everyone who participates on this comunity i will put my dsdt for this mobo, i hope it may be useful for somebody DSDT.aml.zip