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  1. hi thanks for the reply it looks like i have a bad disk i have managed to get as far as rebooting with the disk in but it just restarts back to jag,and i have doubts that leopard will actually work at all with a g4 without really digging deep and i dont have the knowledge to do this,so at the moment im trying to source another copy of tiger on ebay,failing that it loks like a new imac lol cheers
  2. i have a imac g4 just purchased second hand and a macbook,im new to all things mac,my g4 has jag 10.2.8 is there anyway i can run tiger or leaopard on it i just get a cant use this software on this system error on leapord and on tiger it says i need to use the installer that came with the disc i only have 1disc so am a little confused... if theres anyone out there that can help it would be great manythanks utrinque