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  1. My boot rate is about 75% too when using 132 boot, but it will not boot when I'm not using 132 boot. I'll try to fix it myself or maybe do you know something? Thank you for everything VooD! I'll be posting again if I have another question. Thank you! UPDATE: I finally managed to fixed the boot problem, now everything works fine except the ethernet and the audio jack (I already satisfied with it lol). I can boot into my Vista with Mac's Darwin bootloader. Thank you VooD!
  2. Thanx VooD, you helped me so many times but my problems still continue. lol. Ok, here's my main problem : The laptop starting, booting to Apple's booting screen (the grey one), and the laptop will either hang (not loading) or stuck at the loading. But if I boot using the 132 cdboot, the laptop will hang about 0-3 times but it will loaded depends on my laptop mood (lol). It happened in both GUID or MBR partition. Any ideas? I had installed the Chameleon too. oh yeah, and here is my 5920G specs: *Intel Core2Duo T7500 *Up to 1280MB nVidia GeForce 8600M GT Turbocache *2 GB DDR2 *250 GB HDD *Broadcom NetLink Gigabit Ethernet *Intel Wireless WiFi Link 4965AGN *Realtek Audio (don't know the detail) Any different with the one you had tried? And one more thing, about the display driver, when I'm in 10.5.2, the QE/CI fully working (Supported/Core Image), but after I upgraded my Mac to 10.5.5 , the display driver didn't supported the QE/CI (not supported/software) anymore. So I'm planning to stay on 10.5.2
  3. So I have to re-unzip it on Mac OS ?
  4. Well, I had done installing the mac and it looks like the graphic driver woks fine and there are no lag with the animations. I'm downloading the 10.5.5 combo update right now and will reinstall the mac. I have a question again : 1. Where I can choose the GUID partition scheme? I can't find any option through the installation (disc utlity, etc). 2. In the Acer_5920 package that you provided, what's the different between _MACOSX folder and Acer 5920G folder? Both contain the same file?
  5. Ok, I finally managed to get the Mac OS X Leopard 10.5.2 retail DVD. I'll installing right now. Ouw, and one thing, i realize that my GPU is 8600M GT TurboCache, different with the one you mentioned in the first page. So, I wonder if the driver that you provide will compatible with mine?
  6. Ok, thanx a lot VooD. I'll try to search it in my nation's capital city (since the best Apple Store located there ). If I encounters any problem, I'll be here again looking for your help . And also I have another question in my mind. Is it possible to dual boot the based-on-your-guide-Leopard with Vista ?
  7. Thanx for answering VooD. So, if I want to stick with your guide then it means have to get the 10.5.4 DVD retail? Where I can get it? (if my question is forbidden please let me know)
  8. Hi VooD. I wanna ask and request you something. I have Acer Aspire 5920G and wanted to install the Mac OS X. I am currrently running on Windows Vista Home Premium SP1, a single Harddisk with two partition (each 100gb). 3 months ago, I had downloaded an ISO called kalyway_leo_10.5.1.iso (4.37GB). After I burned and try to boot it, it seems my laptop didn't boot into the DVD and just boot to the Windows (I already changed the boot order of course). I already flashed my BIOS with the one you included at the first page of this thread. My current problem is I CAN'T GET THE kalyway_leo_10.5.1.iso BOOTED. Is it my kalyway_leo_10.5.1.iso is the problem or maybe my burning program? If yes, can you suggest other ISOs or burning program? The thing that I would like to request is: *If possible, can you make me a step by step complete guide for installing the Mac using my kalyway_leo_10.5.1.iso and also a guide to update it (or maybe referring my to the existed guide)? My internet is very slow so download other ISOs will take a long time, and also I can't afford any Mac OS X retail CD because there are currently no Apple Store in my region. I'm sorry for asking to much, but if you wanted to help me, feel free to PM me. Thank you! P.S: for your information, when I tried to insert the windows XP installation CD, it booted in, but the setup can't detect any harddisk. Are there something to do with my problem?