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  1. I feel good  :thumbsup_anim: but..., is still need to manually edit SMBios.plist for 07/27/2017 datas, and is Chameleon Wizard.app uptodate? Thanks.

    Relate to Chameleon Wizard... If the provided data are not updates I can't do to much (I mean nothing...)


    The embedded value provided by the bootloader are very old (2014 If I remember correctly)

    and the code need a "huge" update will be a good option "port" the Clover SMBios function...


    And other story is... the values provided by the smbios.plist are correctly readed?




    I've been away so thanks for waiting. Here you are.

    attachicon.gifChameleon Default Theme High Sierra Devices.zip


    Well done for having a go Hervé. For ref, the font is Lucida Grande Bold. However, the icons are generated in Cinema4D so it would be difficult to get a decent match other software.



    Thx guys.

    Perfect! blackosx!


    I upload it to the svn.... I'm going to rename it from xxx_hsie_xxx to xxx_hsi_xxx (I already wrote and commited the code in this way)



  3. Ciao ErmaC....è un onore per noi



    Quando riesco é sempre un piacere passare nella sezione Italiana... nostalgia :P

    anche se non é necessario qui siete in ottime mani.


    Approfitto per rinnovare il saluto a tutti gli utenti della sezione Italiana e sopratutto allo staff che svolgono un lavoro impressionante.




  4. Dai su su...non è difficile... basta applicarsi un po'... :lol:


    salvi, riavvii e controlli...ecc...ecc.....



    PS si puó fare anche direttamente dalla GUI di Clover... ed ancora piú rapido far le prove e trovare il giusto layout-id



  5. I don't have details for the font and or text projection details on the HDD icons; I'm afraid all HSi logos I make therefore differ from existing ones, so it does not look good.  :(


    No problem Hervé... let's see if blackosx can create it...


    ps: I don't see major problem with the 2885 test version... (the APFS is other story)...

    I'm going to update the svn and the pre-build package.. soon..



  6. As already mentioned by crazybirdy the main trunk don't have Kexts and Kernel patcher,


    Also other changes like:

    - embedded FakeSMC

    - new ati IDs and chipset definition

    - new nvidia IDs

    - device detection for Hight Sierra. (GUI)


    PS: the High Sierra default icons are still not available... (iDeviceHFS_hsi, iDeviceHFS_hsi_o) the code is ready... but the .png not

    (device_hfsfusion_hsi_o.png device_hfsfusion_hsi.png)




  7. APFS is not supported by Chameleon/Enoch to date. But I'm sure it'll come soon.


    I can't do to much for the new filesystem... until the source will be available/released... or some reverse (I'm not able to do that)



  8. Hey guys,


    Every time I open the Build_Clover 4.5.0.command and when I select option two the clover gets updated but the EDK2 stays the same (24552) and it won't get updated. Is that normal?


    EDK2 Remote revision: 24858 Local revision: 24552


    Yes is normal, and need to be as is.

    Better say it is as is by default.


    When the proper changes at source code will be made for sync EDK2 changes then also the base revision will be update (with a new version of Buil_Clover script)




  9. There is a typo in the ../Platform/Settings.c file
    line 5628

                } else if (AsciiStrStr (Prop->string, "Install%20macOS%20%High20Sierra") || AsciiStrStr (Prop->string, "Install%20macOS%2010.13")) {

    should be

                } else if (AsciiStrStr (Prop->string, "Install%20macOS%20High%20Sierra") || AsciiStrStr (Prop->string, "Install%20macOS%2010.13")) {



    should be






  10. ... files attached below.  :)


    Pls remove Resolution Module from Extra/module folder

    and also remove DSDT key from o.c.B.p




    no extras modules are needed for your config (I think...) more than FileNVRAM for NVRAM business...


    post the new log.



  11. Pre-packed PKG are available in the download section.


    Chameleon --> http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/files/file/59-chameleon-24-svn/

    Enoch --> http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/files/file/71-enoch/


    Note: those revision are exactly the same version that you can build by yourself, done by downloading and build it with the source code from official svn repository.


    Note2: Chameleon support all OS X version from 10.4 to 10.12  (Yosemite, El Capitan and Sierra included!)..

    (other functionality ...like patching on-fly are only available for Enoch)


    Note3: Enoch support all the OS X version (until Sierra) and also can patch: kernel and kexts on-fly, also Enoch have an embedded FakeSMC.kext (in the case you missed it ;)) and iMessage FaceTime feature are available thanks to new module FileNVRAM (still under test)

    all these changes and credits go to Micky1979.



     a tiny recap: from bootHelp.txt



    The boot: prompt waits for you to type advanced startup options.
    If you don't type anything, the computer continues starting up normally. It
    uses the kernel and configuration files on the startup device, which it also
    uses as the root device.
    Advanced startup options use the following syntax:
        [device]<kernel> [arguments]
    Example arguments include
     device: rd=<BSD device name>       (e.g. rd=disk0s2)
             rd=*<IODeviceTree path>    (e.g. rd=*/PCI0@0/CHN0@0/@0:1)
     kernel: kernel name                (e.g. "mach_kernel" - must be in "/" )
     flags: -v (verbose),                -s (single user mode),
            -x (safe mode),              -f (ignore caches),
            -F (ignore "Kernel Flags" specified in boot configuration file)
     "Graphics Mode"="WIDTHxHEIGHTxDEPTH" (e.g. "1024x768x32")
     kernel flags                       (e.g. debug=0x144)
     io=0xffffffff                      (defined in IOKit/IOKitDebug.h)
    Example: mach_kernel rd=disk0s1 -v "Graphics Mode"="1920x1200x32"
    If the computer won't start up properly, you may be able to start it up using
    safe mode.  Type -x to start up in safe mode, which ignores all cached
    driver files.
    Special booter hotkeys:
      F5            Rescans optical drive.
      F10           Scans and displays all BIOS accessible drives.
    Special booter commands:
      ?memory       Displays information about the computer's memory.
      ?video        Displays VESA video modes supported by the computer's BIOS.
      ?norescan     Leaves optical drive rescan mode.
    Additional useful command-line options:
      config=<file>             Use an alternate Boot.plist file.
    Options useful in the org.chameleon.Boot.plist file:
      Wait=Yes|No               Prompt for a key press before starting the kernel.
      "Quiet Boot"=Yes|No       Use quiet boot mode (no messages or prompt).
      Timeout=8                 Number of seconds to pause at the boot: prompt.
      "Instant Menu"=Yes        Force displaying the partition selection menu.
      "Default Partition"     Sets the default boot partition,
        =hd(x,y)|UUID|"Label"    Specified as a disk/partition pair, an UUID, or a
                                 label enclosed in quotes.
      "Hide Partition"        Remove unwanted partition(s) from the boot menu.
        =partition               Specified, possibly multiple times, as hd(x,y), an
         [;partition2 ...]       UUID or label enclosed in quotes.
      "Rename Partition"      Rename partition(s) for the boot menu.
        =partition <alias>       Where partition is hd(x,y), UUID or label enclosed
         [;partition2 <alias2>   in quotes. The alias can optionally be quoted too.
      GUI=No                  Disable the GUI (enabled by default).
      "Boot Banner"=Yes|No    Show boot banner in GUI mode (disabled by default).
      ShowInfo=No             Disables display of partition and resolution details.
                                "Boot Banner"=No will also disable this info.
      "Legacy Logo"=Yes|No    Use the legacy grey apple logo (enabled by default).
      RebootOnPanic=Yes|No    (disabled by default).
      EnableHiDPI=Yes|No      Enable High resolution display (disabled by default).
      BlackMode=Yes|No        The new BlackMode loads the white Apple logo,
                                 instead of the gray Apple logo, on a black background (disabled by default).
      CsrActiveConfig=<value> Set CsrActiveConfig for OS 10.11.x, range 0..127 (default 0x67)
      PciRoot=<value>         Use an alternate value for PciRoot (default value 0).
      UseKernelCache=Yes|No   Yes will load pre-linked kernel and will ignore /E/E
       and /S/L/E/Extensions.mkext.
    Default is No but Yes if you use Lion on a Raid partition.
      KeyLayout=keymap        Use to change the keyboard mapping of the bootloader
                                (e.g. KeyLayout=mac-fr)
      HDAEnabler=Yes|No         Automatic device-properties generation for audio controllers.
        HDEFLayoutID=<value>    Inject alternate value of layout-id for HDEF (HEX).
        HDAULayoutID=<value>    Inject alternate value of layout-id for HDAU (HEX).
      GraphicsEnabler=Yes|No    Automatic device-properties generation for graphics cards.
        SkipIntelGfx=Yes|No     Skip the Automatic device-properties generation for Intel cards.
        SkipNvidiaGfx=Yes|No    Skip the Automatic device-properties generation for Nvidia cards.
        SkipAtiGfx=Yes|No       Skip the Automatic device-properties generation for Ati cards.
        NvidiaGeneric =Yes|No   Use the classic Nvidia name for the SystemProfiler (disabled by default).
        NvidiaSingle =Yes|No    If you have two cards Nvidia and wants to inject only
                                  first one then you can set this parameter (enbaled by default).
        AtiConfig=<cardcfg>   Use a different card config, e.g. AtiConfig=Megalodon.
        AtiPorts=<value>      Specify the number of ports, e.g. AtiPorts=2.
        UseAtiROM=Yes|No      Use an alternate Ati ROM image
                                (default path: /Extra/<vendorid>_<devid>_<subsysid>.rom)
        UseNvidiaROM=Yes|No   Use an alternate Nvidia ROM image
                                (default path:  /Extra/<vendorid>_<devid>.rom)
        VBIOS=Yes|No            Inject VBIOS to device-properties.
        display_0=<value>       Inject alternate value of display-cfg into NVDA,Display-A@0 (HEX).
        display_1=<value>       Inject alternate value of display-cfg into NVDA,Display-B@1 (HEX).
        IntelCapriFB=<value>    For Intel Ivy Bridge, range 0-11.
        IntelAzulFB=<value>     For Intel Haswell, range 0-16.
        IntelBdwFB=<value>      For Intel Broadwell, range 0-19.
        IntelSklFB=<value>      For Intel Skylake, range 0-12.
        InjectIntel-ig=<value>  Inject alternate value into AAPL,ig-platform-id (HEX).
        EnableBacklight=Yes   Enable Back light option for NVIDIA and ATI
        EnableDualLink=Yes   Enable DualLink option for NVIDIA and ATI
        EnableHDMIAudio=Yes   Inject HDMI audio for NVIDIA and ATI.
      EthernetBuiltIn=Yes|No  Automatic "built-in"=YES device-properties generation
                              for ethernet interfaces.
      ForceHPET=Yes|No        Force HPET on (disabled by default).
      USBBusFix=Yes             Enable the XHCI, EHCI and UHCI fixes (disabled by default).
      EHCIacquire=Yes           Enable the EHCI fix (disabled by default).
      UHCIreset=Yes             Enable the UHCI fix (disabled by default).
      USBLegacyOff=Yes          Force USB Legacy off for XHCI and EHCI (disabled by default).
      XHCILegacyOff=Yes         Force USB Legacy off for XHCI (disabled by default).
      Wake=No                   Disable wake up after hibernation (enbaled by default).
      ForceWake=Yes             Force using the sleepimage (disabled by default).
      WakeImage=<file>          Use an alternate sleepimage file 
                                  (default path is /private/var/vm/sleepimage).
      DropSSDT=Yes              Skip the SSDT tables while relocating the ACPI tables.
      Drop<file>=Yes            Skip:[HPET, SLIC, SBST, ECDT, ASF! or DMAR]
      DSDT=<file>               Use an alternate DSDT.aml file 
                                  (default path: /DSDT.aml
                                   /Extra/DSDT.aml bt(0,0)/Extra/DSDT.aml).
      HPET=<file>               Use an alternate HPET.aml file 
                                  (default path: /HPET.aml
                                   /Extra/HPET.aml bt(0,0)/Extra/HPET.aml).
      SBST=<file>               Use an alternate SBST.aml file 
                                  (default path: /SBST.aml
                                   /Extra/SBST.aml bt(0,0)/Extra/SBST.aml).
      ECDT=<file>               Use an alternate ECDT.aml file 
                                  (default path: /ECDT.aml
                                   /Extra/ECDT.aml bt(0,0)/Extra/ECDT.aml).
      ASFT=<file>               Use an alternate ASFT.aml file 
                                  (default path: /ASFT.aml
                                   /Extra/ASFT.aml bt(0,0)/Extra/ASFT.aml).
      DMAR=<file>               Use an alternate DMAR.aml file 
                                  (default path: /DMAR.aml
                                   /Extra/DMAR.aml bt(0,0)/Extra/DMAR.aml).
      APIC=<file>               Use an alternate APIC.aml file 
                                  (default path: /APIC.aml
                                   /Extra/APIC.aml bt(0,0)/Extra/APIC.aml).
      MCFG=<file>               Use an alternate MCFG.aml file 
                                  (default path: /MCFG.aml
                                   /Extra/MCFG.aml bt(0,0)/Extra/MCFG.aml).
      FADT=<file>               Use an alternate FADT.aml file 
                                  (default path: /FADT.aml
                                   /Extra/FADT.aml bt(0,0)/Extra/FADT.aml).
      GenerateCStates=Yes     Enable auto generation of processor idle sleep states
      GeneratePStates=Yes     Enable auto generation of processor power performance
                                states (P-States).
      CSTUsingSystemIO=Yes    New C-State _CST generation method using SystemIO
                                registers instead of FixedHW.
      EnableC2State=Yes       Enable specific Processor power state, C2.
      EnableC3State=Yes       Enable specific Processor power state, C3.
      EnableC4State=Yes       Enable specific Processor power state, C4.
      EnableC6State=Yes       Enable specific Processor power state, C6.
      EnableC7State=Yes       Enable specific Processor power state, C7.
      PrivateData=No          Show masked data (serial number) in bdmesg log (enbaled by default).
      ForceFullMemInfo=Yes    Force SMBIOS Table 17 to be 27 bytes long (disabled by default).
      SMBIOS=<file>             Use an alternate SMBIOS.plist file
                                  (default path: /smbios.plist /Extra/smbios.plist
      SMBIOSdefaults=No         Don't use the Default values for SMBIOS overriding
                                  if smbios.plist doesn't exist, factory
                                  values are kept.
      KERNELPlist=<file>        Use an alternate kernel.plist file
                                  (default path: /Extra/Kernel.plist
      KEXTPlist=<file>          Use an alternate kext.plist file
                                  (default path: /Extra/Kext.plist
      "Scan Single Drive"       Scan the drive only where the booter got loaded from.
        =Yes|No                 Fix rescan issues when using a DVD reader in AHCI mode. 
      Rescan=Yes                Enable CD-ROM rescan mode.
      "Rescan Prompt"=Yes       Prompts for enable CD-ROM rescan mode.
      SystemId=<UUID>         Set the system id manually to UUID.
                                  Deprecated - Now SMsystemuuid in smbios.plist
                              SMUUID in smbios config (reserved field) isn't used then.
      SystemType=<n>          Set the system type to n, where n is between 0..6
                              (default=1 Desktop)
      md0=<file>              Load raw img file into memory for use as XNU's md0
                              ramdisk. /Extra/Postboot.img is used otherwise.





  12. @ErmaC: Here's a patch that resolves -Waddress-of-packed-member and also works with Xcode earlier than 8.3 that don't recognize this warning

    diff a/i386/libsaio/smbios.c b/i386/libsaio/smbios.c
    --- a/i386/libsaio/smbios.c
    +++ b/i386/libsaio/smbios.c
    @@ -925,7 +925,7 @@ void addSMBOemProcessorType(SMBStructPtrs *structPtr)
     	p->header.length	= sizeof(SMBOemProcessorType);
     	p->header.handle	= handle++;
    -	setSMBValue(structPtr, numOfSetters - 2 , (returnType *)&(p->ProcessorType));
    +	setSMBValue(structPtr, numOfSetters - 2 , (returnType *)(void*)&(p->ProcessorType));
     	structPtr->new = (SMBStructHeader *)((uint8_t *)structPtr->new + sizeof(SMBOemProcessorType) + 2);
     	tableLength += sizeof(SMBOemProcessorType) + 2;
    @@ -974,7 +974,7 @@ void addSMBOemProcessorBusSpeed(SMBStructPtrs *structPtr)
     	p->header.length	= sizeof(SMBOemProcessorBusSpeed);
     	p->header.handle	= handle++;
    -	setSMBValue(structPtr, numOfSetters -1, (returnType *)&(p->ProcessorBusSpeed));
    +	setSMBValue(structPtr, numOfSetters -1, (returnType *)(void*)&(p->ProcessorBusSpeed));
     	structPtr->new = (SMBStructHeader *)((uint8_t *)structPtr->new + sizeof(SMBOemProcessorBusSpeed) + 2);
     	tableLength += sizeof(SMBOemProcessorBusSpeed) + 2;


    :) thx Zenith432

    I do some test on my actual version of xcode (8.2.1)...


    I need time to update my version of xcode to 8.x

    MacBook-Pro:trunk fabio$ xcodebuild -version && xcode-select --version
    Xcode 8.2.1
    Build version 8C1002
    xcode-select version 2347.
    MacBook-Pro:trunk fabio$