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  1. On 8/25/2019 at 12:22 PM, Andy Vandijck said:

    I have ported the Chameleon variant known as Enoch to 64-bit and updated the tools and stuff.

    I have also included the Catalina version variant and stuff.

    Needs testing as I only have a real Mac.

    boot64 is the build for doing it.

    I have also updated the plugins to 64-bit.

    I also reverse engineered FileNVRAM.

    Enjoy :D


    Thx Andy!

    And anyone else involved in keep chammy alive!


    Andy is this code versioned in any repository?




  2. On 7/9/2019 at 3:24 AM, crazybirdy said:

    And test with Enoch r2872, r2911 on 10.12 with KextsPatches on kexts.plist.

    No lucky too.

    Maybe it never work before.:)



    As soon I can the latest changes&diff will be merged on the svn

    Maybe someone can give a light... 





  3. 15 hours ago, crazybirdy said:


    Hi ErmaC,


    The KernelPatches on kernel.plist, and KextsPatches on kexts.plist didn't work well.

    Do you know how to solve it?

    It seems "Unable to find the _PrelinkInfoDictionary" issue.


    I can patch it manually, but on the fly didn't work



    It seems the _PrelinkInfoDictionary issue on /i386/boot2/kernel_patcher_internal.c.

    Do you know how to fix it?


    Hi crazybird.

    This occur on the new 10.15 (Catalina?) or also occur in previus macOS version like mojave or hSierra?


    Not sure but probably the part on boot2/drivers.c (start from line1558) need to be update too... latest info are for HSierra!!! missed Mojave and Catalina (I think also the latest kernel info for HSierra is not completly correct)




  4. On 7/1/2019 at 7:50 AM, crazybirdy said:

    Porting from Clover r4979 with new EXT, SIP, HP Lapic-Error kernel patch method.

    Compile the Enoch boot based on Enoch r2921, with patched kernel_patcher_internal.c.

    Works fine here on 10.12, 10.13, 10.14, 10.15 MBR HFS+ partition, not test for HP Lapic-Error.


    @ErmaC FYI.



    v2. fix typo.


    Thx crazybirdy.


    Here the pkg builded with the modification...


    I just add icon boot volume the name is like device_hfsplus_cat.png and device_hfsplus_cat_o.png


    No time to other thing sorry



  5. 23 hours ago, MinusZwei said:

    First set of patches has been sent to ErmaC for integration.

    ... , there will also be a fix for a regression that prevented old OS X to boot (black screen issue)


    done! https://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/231075-chameleon-24svn-official-pkg-installer/?page=173&tab=comments#comment-2640888


    23 hours ago, MinusZwei said:

    Among APFS support


    Stay tuned :) 


    Here we go :D




    All credits go to MinusZwei.




  6. Updated a new version (2921) see download topic  -->




    - CsrConfig verbose display cosmetic change (Credits to MinusZwei)

    - Recovery and Installer improvements (Credits to Micky1979)

    - Added device-colors and CFBundleIdentifier (Credits to Pike R. Alpha)

    - SMBIOS update (Credits to MinusZwei)

    - Updated embedded FakeSMC and fix memory leak when FakeSMC Info plist is corrupted (Credits to MinusZwei)

    - Fix for a regression affecting all OS X releases prior to 10.12 (Credits to MinusZwei)

    - improvements (credits to: Micky1979)

    - UUID NTFS rework and improvements (credits to: deek5)

    - kernel patchers updated to boot Mojave (credits to: CrazyBirdy)

    - Added Mojave Icons detection.

    - Added Mojave Icons for default theme (Courtesy of BlackOsx)


    Coming soon APFS support (Credits to MinusZwei) see topic here

  7. Hola y gracias por el cambio que propuse anteriormente.

    Subir para evitar desplazarse y barra desplazamiento.



    Hello and thank you for the change I proposed earlier.

    Go up to avoid scrolling and scrolling.

    try to replace the original one with this... and compile/build a new pkg...


    Prueba con este html remplazando el original y luego vuelve a crear el pkg.


    --> Conclusion.html.zip



  8. In the root or in the extra folder (I know it's hidden)

    Pls try the latest one 2908 --> http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/files/file/71-enoch/


    Include the RC8 of FileNVRAM

    (Module changes and build is courtesy of Micky1979)


    @crazybirdy or all

    can you tell me exactly where the new (temp?) files (I mean in 10.13) are stored

    when and update as been done? Can you check it maybe looking from other OSX where those file/folder are stored?


    I'm a bit lost with this...



  9. I hope this is the right place, a recommendation


    Is possible change the position of letters?

    They are hidden underneath and there is to scroll


    Centered is much better visually. Thank.-

    Yes is a simple html with inline css, and the last one as you show is... conclusion.html

    located here https://sourceforge.net/p/cloverefiboot/code/HEAD/tree/CloverPackage/package/Resources/templates/


    and if I understand you correctly (align the copyright text on the right) will be:



    to (changed line 14)

    p.copyright{margin: 0px; font:13px 'Lucida Grande'; text-align: right}

  10. A typo from time ago

    in clover bootmenu / options / PCI Devices


    custom properies should be custom properties?

    probably you mean this...



    NewEntry(&Entry, &SubScreen, ActionEnter, SCREEN_DEVICES, "Custom properies->");
    and yes is a typo... should be "Custom properties->"



  11. Is there any reason on one of my hacks (Laptop) i have this option

    8) Try Clover Configurator Pro.app

    But on my other hack (Desktop) that option is not there.

    Both machines are running v4.6.2


    Are you sure in the machine (desktop) you have the app?

    I mean if the "Clover Configurator Pro.app" is present than the option will be not displayed...


    EDIT: or maybe in your settings the key SHOWCCP_ADVERTISE is set to NO



  12. Hi all and Merry Christmas holidays to all.

    Two days ago I see a new option show up about clover configurator pro, so I decide to take a look, really good. Anyone knows how to contact Mickey1979?

    As a developer I'm interested in its job about that plist editor, but I notice only now is marked as retired and did not even read my private message (email nowhere  :mad: ). Let me know in pm, thanks and sorry for the OT.


    You can contact him throw github...




  13. PS: maybe i have to mention the following:

    Build_Clover script v4.6.2                                  No update available.
    By Micky1979 based on Slice, Zenith432, STLVNUB, JrCs, cecekpawon, Needy,
    cvad, Rehabman, philip_petev, ErmaC
    Supported OSes: macOS X, Ubuntu (16.04/16.10), Debian Jessie and Stretch
    CLOVER	Remote revision: 4360	Local revision: 4360
    EDK2	Remote revision: 26006	Local revision: 26006
    The current local EDK2 revision is the suggested one (26006). 
    Used settings: /Users/md/BuildCloverConfig.txt 

    Already try to restore the suggested EDK2 revision? 25909 (for 4.6.2)



  14. 'just tried and the "macOS Install from ..." partition is still not seen on 1st reboot for update completion. Main High Sierra partition can't be booted either.


    Completed the update through Clover.

    I need more investigation then...



    EDIT: w8... I wrote a stupid typo... (I think... :blush: )

    now is...



    "macOS Install Data"

    try now -> boot_v2905_v2.zip



  15. I guess it needs new developments...


    At present, I've found no other solution than a Clover USB key to boot the "install macOS from..." partition & complete fresh High Sierra installations and/or updates... Enoch does not see/show such temporary partitions (in a similar way it cannot boot Recovery partitions).



    • the High Sierra installation and/or update has completed
    • CoreStorage been reverted
    • the cache been rebuilt
    Enoch can then boot the High Sierra partition again.


    give it a try... (not tested...)

    v2905 --> removed


    I add the "macOS Install Data" entry into disk.c



  16. is there a possibility since your script can add APFS to clover that the script can have an option to run this script http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/327584-apfsefi-without-verbose-boot/?p=2532527to quite apfs verbosity on the transferred to clover folder apfs file.


    Can be done... but the "patch" as is, is not dynamic... I mean "looks like it works".... until now (APFS.efi from latest 10.13.2 beta bla-bla-bla)... can we be sure about this for the next releases?


    Other way (not automatic way) is patch it before the package process...