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    ATI HD 5770

    Any recommendations as to wich card to pick to get most compability? Or can i pick any card (cheapest 5770 i can find) and just add the Apple ROM? I am upgrading to SL and want to get a new graphics card for gaming, chainging out my old 3650. From all the possible ways to get this card working in SL, wick one would you say works best on the new iAtkos SL release? Thanks! //K
  2. kebarb

    [GUIDE] Snow Leopard on Inspiron 530.

    Sorry for doubleposting if so. Anyone tried the ATI 5750 or 5770 with the new iAtkos release? My toughts is that it might run grate since it is standard iMac card. Also it fits into Inspiron 530 because it's low on power. (max 300w PSU) I am planning on upgrading from 3650 to 5770, and need SL thats why i am asking. I am curious about if anyone using more then 3-4Gigs of RAM in their Inspiron 530 with OSX? I heard that the Mainboard will not adress more. Anyone tried? //K
  3. kebarb

    SL on a dell Latitude D530

    I dont know how to do it really, but this quote is not the way to ask people for help ;-) "sorry Im not a geek as you guys"
  4. kebarb

    Installing OS 10.5.6 with ATi HD 3650 512 MB PCIe

    Maybe you can first boot with -v -x if scrambled graphics show at startup.. Then install this: ATI x2000 source version 53410 plus natit for HD3650.pkg Worked perfect for me, 3650 256Mb ATI //K
  5. kebarb


    I am also interested in drivers for this ATI 3650 for the Snow Leopard. I am running Dell Inspiron 530 with ATI 3650, and i want to install SnowLeopard as soon as i know that Audio, built in Ethernet, Graphics and everything is working. Anyone got confirmed drivers for SL? //K
  6. I have a Dell Inspiron 530 with ATI 3650 Graphics and Intel integrated How can i make use of both of them to run dual monitor setup? The ATI card has only one DVI port The integrated card has one VGA port So far no problem. When booting with integrated graphics i only get 1024 rez, and ATI card is not active. When booting with ATI card the integrated card is not active. Any solutions to this problem? //K
  7. kebarb

    iATKOS v5i + Dell Inspiron 530 FTW!

    Anyone got a clue how to run a dual monitor setup with this hardware: Dell Inspiron 530 ATI 3650, ONE DVI port Integrated graphics X3100? Two monitors, on 19" and one 23". What drivers are needed for the integrated graphics? I only get 1024*768 or something like that when booting the system with monitor plugged to the integrated port, and when i do, the ATI card is DEAD and OSX will not find it. So the problem is really to get the integrated card to allow more rez options. AND To get the integrated card to run simultaniously with the AIT card Happy for some clues! //K Also i have this issue with sleep. If its working for you other guys i want it to work aswell! I have put the powermanagment to S1, and also remote wakeup is OFF. Is there something with my ATI 3650 graphics that wont allow waking up after sleep? It goes down to sleep with no problem, but will not wake up. Maybe i need to ad some kind of powermanagment kext for the graphics? nice if you guys have a clue. //K
  8. kebarb

    iATKOS v5i + Dell Inspiron 530 FTW!

    Ok! After alot of PAIN on the Dell Inspiron 530 this is how to get it running with this configuration: Problem. Scrambled image when booting, looks really bad. Described by many users. Configuration: Dell inspiron 530, Intel 2 core processor (not core 2 duo), SATA drive, 3Gig RAM, ATI 3650 Graphics 256Mb VRAM. Download these items: iATKOS 5i natite HD 3650 1. Install iATKOS 5i. 2. Dont boot the install, remove disk and mount it on another Mac. 3. Open this folder; /System/Library/Extensions 4. Remove ATI and nVidia graphics drivers 5. Install natit HD package 6. Run a disk repair 7. Unmount and remove disk, install back in Dell 8. Start, everything works fine 9. Fixt internal network card and audio as described earlier in this thread. You need this: Kext Helper b7 Intel82566MM.kext AppleHDA.kext HDAEnabler.kext You just saved many $$$ buying a cheap dell, and alot of time following this thread. //K