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  1. Running a script after sleep

    Hy! I have the same machine (vostro 1310) and I try ed this script withou success :S I looked into ioregexplorer, and I found that my proper address is 0xf8300000, but with this value nothing changes... Anyway, when I run reggie_se with this script, by hand, in read mode, with verbose output... It starts eat 100% from one of my two cpu cores, and does nothing (what I can see)... So it's simply works for you all? I tryed to wait till it finishes but still nothing after a half an hour :S What is the normal running time of it? second's right? I'm out of ideas :S
  2. Hy! I used this to get sound work on my vostro 1310 installed with iPC 10.5.6. I recently got sleep to work with VoodooUSBEHCI.kext found here: http://www.superhai.com/darwin.html (note that this only works for me after I disable USBWakeSuppor in bios, if it's enabled when I go to sleep, the leds turn off completly but it sleeps someway, and if i press the power key, it immediatelly goes into a kernel panic) Now my only big problem is that the sound wont work after sleep, i read some threads where people operates with reggie_se to set the registers of the card to get sound back, but i can't get that work anyway :S If anyone have some ideas with this issue please help! Another small things that i can't get any scroll functionality out of my touchpad :S Ideas or working configurations / drivers are welcome!
  3. Hy there! Can any of you point me the right direction to get osx on my vostro 1310? I've installed iDeneb 1.3 on it, but I have a lot of problems Tryed different audio hacks, but if my note can shut down properly after that I have no sound, after I reinstall a fix to get sound, I can't shut it down again :S Sleep isn't works :S Actualli it looks like it's working, just it wakes up immediately after sleep... the system log tells me that there was an "USB caused wake up (ehci)... (or something like that I can't remember fully) I have a hungarian keyboard, and my "0" key writes the "í" character and my "í" key does nothing :S I tryed a lot of layouts with international without luck Please help me!!
  4. Hy there! I have a dell vostro 1310 with nvidia 8400M GS Installed iDeneb 1.3 and it works but I have some problems selected fixes in ideneb install: ichx, nvinject, power management after install I managed to make my wifi, hda intel soundcard, alps touchpad (without scrolling) to work, but I still have serious problems if I start the ffscrolldaemon to have two finger scroll, my trackpad gets terribly slow, and the scrolling isnt too smooth sleep seems to work, but it wakes up immedietly and the log tell's me that: USB caused wake event (EHCI) I searched around a lot, tryed lots of fixes and different kernels, but cant any of them helps :S I can test it if it sleeps without any usb devices because I have an internal usb webcam and finally my keyboard is interesting too, I known that mac's use a different keyboard map, i downloaded some windows'ish maps, but can't any of them solves my problem, that my "0" key writes the "í" character and the "í" key wont do anything :S so I only can write a "0" usig my FN key and use the blue "numpad" 0... And, I'm hungarian, so I have a hungarian keyboard layout... So if anyone can help me, or has configured a same machine, or had simlar problems before please help me, because I'm out of ideas, or luck :S Thanks!!