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  1. X-Chat sysinfo script

    Sorry for the lack of updates; I haven't had OS X installed and working for nearly a year now. The latest version is still 7.4, but now there's also a 7.4l that should work for at least 10.5.0. Please note that you need to configure the script if your network interface is not en0. Open it up in your favorite text editor, scroll down to the __config_net_interface__ line and edit it to your pleasing. There are other settings nearby that you can play with as well. Edit: Looks like I posted too soon. Madison has released version 8.0 of XInfoAqua! According to him, there are many fixes, and /macupdate works again. Get it here. Also, if you're having problems with XInfoAqua's /macweather command or just want better weather output, try XWeather. It's a little different from /macweather - to start with, the command is /xw. Also, it uses Yahoo's weather api rather than accuweather and therefore has much better location handling [in other words, it can find your town better] and more data. It also has better settings and should work with any X-Chat client that has a python plugin. If you have any problems or need a new link, come to #scripts on irc.moofspeak.net; I don't check this thread nearly often enough to help.
  2. X-Chat sysinfo script

    Version 7.4 is released. Version 7.3 had a limited release, and was basically skipped over. Here's a changelog: Version 7.3 : fixes battery info for 8.8.1 kernel [10.4.8], adds 'machine' argument, changes RAM output slightly with ideas from GivemHell, fixes typo in /mactunes full as well as changing the output slightly, added video driver detection, added more kernel info, fixed colour output so it looks right in other clients Version 7.4 : changes PPC detection to the CPU rather than the machine, adds network information, added FSB detection Grab 7.4 here: http://www.n-lp.com/~osx/XInfoAqua.7.4.zip, or do a /macupdate
  3. X-Chat sysinfo script

    ...and 7.2.2c.
  4. X-Chat sysinfo script

    7.2.2, 7.2.2a & 7.2.2b released in the past 24 hours...do a /macupdate
  5. X-Chat sysinfo script

    If you downloaded 7.2.1 and are having problems, try 7.2.1a or /macupdate
  6. X-Chat sysinfo script

    New release, with better support for real macs, a few bug fixes, stripping of ™, ®, 'CPU', etc. from the CPU name/type, fixes for dual processors/dual cores, and a minor fix for CPUs under 1GHz. Grab it here: XInfoAqua.7.2.1.zip If you already have 7.2j, just use /macupdate!
  7. awesome semthex, thanks for all your hard work
  8. EBIOS Error During Install DVD Boot

    Another possible cause for this problem is a borked burn. Make sure you verify the burn in whatever program you use to do it.
  9. What app are you missing?

    A good torrent app for OSX is definitely needed. None of the current ones do it for me. Azureus is a great program, but the bloat is killer. Even with 1GB of RAM and a decent CPU, it slows things down considerably. One other thing I'd like to see is a text-editing application with better FTP support...I use a program on Windows that has full FTP integration, and the best I've found for OSX is TextWrangler. Which, don't get me wrong, is a great application. It just doesn't do FTP nearly as well as it could. That is, of course, more of a feature request than anything else. And I know this is the wrong place for that. So yea, a good torrent application would be number one on my wishlist. *edit* Oh, and I agree with Pippin. A better image preview application would be great. The only ones I've found are completely bloated beyond belief. The equilivent of feh for linux [maybe with a GUI] would be perfect. *edit2* Heh...another thing I'd like is a good music player with the cability for loads of music. I have well over 50GB of music, and iTunes just doesn't cut it for me. Everything else I've found is either pay to use [not an option for me at the moment] or is too slow/bloated/badly designed. But maybe it's just me.
  10. Check DVD Version

    Is there any way to check what version of OS X is on a particular .iso without burning it to DVD and trying to install it? I obviously don't want to wait for another .iso to download, but at the same time don't want to waste a DVD on the version I don't want. The filename is osx86-fully-patched-sse2-rosetta-ati.iso, if that helps at all. Thanks a lot. *edit:* oops, just realized this should be in the PC forum...sorry!