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  1. Thanks for the DSDT I am using it now. I get kernel panics at various stages during boot, but I just reset until it works, which it eventually does. I don't understand how a problem can be there for one boot and not later on, when I haven't changed anything. I think i'll put the -v flag in so if there are any errors I can photograph them and see if the erros share a common cause, that also allows me to share them as you say. Your assumption is correct, I have many kexts installed with Tonys multi tool, when I feel up to it I will try a fresh install on another drive but I initially tired to use this method (without using Uni*****) but I couldn't get the installer to boot after following the (vague) instructions to the letter. It's probably fair to say I am into OSX86 for the wrong reasons. If I could afford Apple hardware I wouldn't even consider doing this unless I had a lot of spare time. I have been an OSX user for half my life and wouldn't consider another OS unless I absolutely had to. Apart from the kernel panics I am happy with how my machine runs, graphics have improved (though I'm not sure exactly why) and 1080p is almost perfect, which is an improvement over my previous set up. Sleep doesn't work they way it did. The machine will sleep as before but can't be woken up with my mouse or keyboard. My bios settings are default, with the exception of Power on after AC loss. My BIOS is A05. I believe the steps I had taken to make it work were as follows: Install Mac OS with Uni*****, boot with Uni and install DSDT with Multi****, add my graphics card device ID to NVDANV50Hal.kext. I may have also upgraded to the latest version of FakeSMC. I know this is not very helpful, when I do my secondary install I will attempt to replicate the behaviour so I can help you. As far as I am aware sleep worked fine with no side effects. If I can give you any more info please let me know.
  2. OK just a quick one. I currently can't boot with correct graphics support unless I use your DSDT. To be clear, I have not modified it further and wouldn't know how. If the main problem is the different CPU it seems easier for me to just buy the CPU this DSDT was written for. I assume the sockets are the same, my machine is small form factor too, so the mother boards should be identical. I'm really struggling at the moment. I don't enjoy having problems to fix, every time I see a kernel panic I die a little inside. It's so bad I'm contemplating putting Windows on it, the drivers would all be there (maybe) but all my AppleScripts would be useless. I downloaded a DSDT auto patcher but it only supported a very limited number of machines. An Optilex 780 was an option but it gave me an error when I tried it. If I had the money I would buy a mac but I don't. I was given this machine and have spent about 3 weeks wages buying a graphics card (which doesn't even work as I expected), ir receiver and upgrading the CPU fan and thermal paste. Thinking about it the CPU fan (original and new) has never increased it's speed that I've noticed so the CPU will probably over heat during heavy load. I hate technology, I think I was born a few hundred years too early. Is there any point trying to replace the DSDT or shall I just run it until the CPU dies? (Or option C, throw myself off a bridge and stop wasting the time of someone who is actually smart enough to make this work)
  3. OK so after much messing about and pulling out my hair I have some good results. Things seem to work best when using gygabyte's DSDT, are there any potential dangers I should worry about? In the BIOS my CPU is reported as "Intel® Core2 Duo CPU E7500 @ 2.93GHz". Is there a better option? I purchased an EVGA Nvidia 8400 GS graphics card after some research, added the device ID to a kext and that was good to go. (In reality I spent all day messing with boot flags to get it working). Once or twice I have kernel panics just before the login window loads, but I can't decipher the error and can't reproduce it, it seems completely random! Hopefully that wont persist. In other news sleep works perfectly. I wasn't even trying to fix it, I just accidentally clicked sleep in the menu. I'm a little disappointed in graphics performance, but I am asking a lot. Connected to a 1080p screen and using XBMC, high bitrate 1080p h.264 can struggle, I'm going to look into enabling OpenCl as I've seen posts mentioning it but it could already be enabled for all I know! Performance is obviously worse when attaching a second monitor, but this increases the machines usefulness greatly. If I can't improve performance I may see if the Broadcom crystal HD chip might help. I know there were Mac OS drivers but they might no longer be in development. I also don't know what the second connector on the motherboard is (below PCIe) and if an adapter is available to connect the two! Another concern is digital audio. To use XBMC to its full potential I need a digital audio connection to my receiver. Apparently HDMI audio is out which I assumed anyway but is a shame none the less. I had assumed it would be a simple matter of obtaining a USB sound card with SPDIF out, I'd budgeted about £15 for this. It would appear that these sound cards are something that only exist in my imagination, I cannot find a Mac compatible one anywhere. The closest I got was one from Turtle Beach (of gaming headset fame) which advertised Mac compatibility but specifically states 5.1 is only for Windows. I assume this refers to the lack of native support in Mac OS and Apple apps for 5.1 but perhaps XBMC will be able to bypass this restriction as it does in Intel Macs (over mini toslink connectors). I may resort to buying this device and hoping for the best as I cannot find a single example online of anyone else using XBMC to stream 5.1 over spdif with a hackintosh, I can't be the only one? Well that was a little longer than I was expecting, but there it is. As a server it's running perfectly, thanks to this thread. As a HTPC, it needs some work.
  4. Thanks for the info, I was planning on getting a support graphics card down the line, so I'm glad this will let the screen sleep (this was my main concern). So far I've had no noticeable issues with your DSDT. I had a kernel panic when I shut down once, but that could have been anything. I'm not sure how to get the exact model of my processor but this is the info System Profiler gives: Processor Name: Intel Core 2 Duo Processor Speed: 2.93 GHz Number of Processors: 1 Total Number of Cores: 2 L2 Cache: 3 MB I found some info about an auto patcher but it doesn't have patches for the 760. I also have to install Java which I would rather not do unless it will definitely help! I will try booting without your DSDT and see what effect that has. I can live without sleep, I have done for a year in my Mini 9. The role of this machine will be a server of sorts, so it should be awake 24/7 anyway. Your upload did include VoodooMonitor so I may indeed be SOL! Like I said though this isn't a major issue, I expect the machine will shut off if it gets close to overheating.
  5. Thanks for the info. Could I pick your brain some more? :-D I'm having some display freezing issues, they're not major, as clicking the mouse will cure it 100% of the time but it would be nice to let my display sleep automatically rather than using the power button. There are 3 things I have found that trigger this. If the hard drives or display are put to sleep the image on screen will freeze. I changed the engery saver preferences to avoid this. Also, if the computer is put to sleep the screen will go black (not off) and the machine will remain fully powered on. Again just clicking the mouse returns normal function so not a major issue. EDIT: The tools I used are censored! How bizarre! Why do IM care how I got my Hac working...? Well I used some beasty tools from someone called tony. </EDIT> For my install I used U.N.I. with 10.7.4 and then used M.U.L.T.I to just install your DSDT and I assume this installed a boot loader. I used kext helper to install the kexts you posted (thanks again by the way!). I don't know how much effort would be required to fix these little issues. Also a even smaller issue I might as well throw out there is that none of the system monitoring software I use can detect a temperature sensor or fan speed sensor. For all I know there aren't any sensors in this machine, but if that's an easy fix I'd be interested. I will continue to research these issues but I suspect the solution will be specific to our combination of machine and DSDT file, which leaves this thread my sole source of info! I'm happy to do a bit of leg work and my install is safely backed up so I may experiment but apart from poking around in my file system I'm not sure where to start. Any useful info I do manage to get will be shared here for any future Googlers to stumble upon.
  6. Just like to say a big thanks for this, your files have proved most helpful. I haven't had a hacintosh for a long time (about 6 years) so was out of the loop a bit, not counting a Dell Mini 9 (which was criminally easy thanks to netbookmaker). But thanks to this thread I now have turned an old Optiplex 760 into a decent Mac. I know it's ambitious but I ideally would like to use this machine to run XBMC with HDMI audio, so if anyone is still in this thread that can offer any advice that would be great. My mobo has DisplayPort but I am almost certain the intel graphics on this machine have no real OSX support. There are PCI express ports so a low profile card shouldn't be a problem. So if there is an OSX friendly low profile graphics card with HDMI available in the UK I'm half way there, and if anyone has any HDMI audio advice that would be great. If it's easier to obtain a PCI/USB sound card with SPDIF out that is CoreAudio/XBMC friendly then I'm all for that too. Also if anyone needs any advice/details on how to get to my stage let me know, I did use tools from tonymac but it seems they're not too popular on here, but I like an easy life and it was very easy.
  7. Great news! I'm really happy InsanelyMac is once again making regular appearances in my RSS reader too. I joined this forum April '06 and it is a priceless resource for those wanting to "preview" OS X on their current machine before committing or those who just want to have their dream computer with totally custom parts running OS X (likely among other OSes!). This news should really help with that too!
  8. iTunes Language/Character Problems

    Hey dude sorry I couldn't be more help. I actually faced this problem again in November. I had been using my iTunes Library file in Windows, not sure if this caused the problem. Again, the only way I could solve it was removing ~/Library defaulting all my settings. Pain in the arse but hey. If I do find the cause of this and a direct solution I will post it here for others to find who may have encountered the same issues. Peace. lol I hadn't even read the first post again b4 the second one I'm obviously just a broken record!
  9. Awesome. Never use Quick Look except if I accidently lean on the Space Bar but I saw something similar to this with music files on Ubuntu. This will be a regularly used feature on my Mac.
  10. Leopard for Vaio FZ Series?

    I did on a FZ18L. Not fun. Im fighting on but the fact im typing this on Vista might suggest how poor it is. 1024x768 is the only option, no sound or networking. Im not very experienced in OSX86 but i'm going to try. Buying one of these for the purpose of running osx is not good. Just get a Mac seriously.
  11. Leo4allv3 finished and released

    Just what Psystar have been waiting for...lol
  12. Woot! OSX86 news! Almost makes me want to fire up Transmission and get my old pc out lol. Good to know the latest, thanks erei.
  13. Happy Birthday To....Mac OS X!

    Used the first iMacs when my school got them and hated them. Opened my mind dome years later when my mate got a PPC Mac Mini and googled until i found Pear PC! It was slow as hell but still better than windows.
  14. Space age technology - Apple iPod

    As far as I know artificial gravity is still the stuff of Science fiction.
  15. £135 and I love it (as you can see by my picture)